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  1. XC-3730C

    OpenBOR 3.0 Build 4618 - controls don't work

    I installed OpenBOR along with the forwarder and once it loads to the game selection screen, my controls don't work. I tried using the joycons and my Switch Controller Pro (not in dock mode). I am currently running SX OS 11.0 (emuNAND). How fan I fix this? Thank you!
  2. XC-3730C

    Trinket M0 V1 installation guide needed

    A friend of mine is gonna install a Trinket M0 in my V1 Switch that is currently running SXOS. Can someone reccomend a good guide to installing Trinket M0 including how to flash the chip and possibly links to files? Also where is a good reliable place in the USA to buy one? Sent from my...
  3. XC-3730C

    Triforce games not working

    I am trying to play Mario Kart Arcade GP/GP2 on my Wii U/vWii though USB Loader GX and both of these titles say to take card. I cant get past this screen. F-Zero AX the furthest I got was to the title screen and I press start but nothing happens. Strangely the only Triforce game that seems to...
  4. XC-3730C

    WiiWare games installed to emuNAND boot back to USB Loader GX

    My Wii U is set up with vWii and USB Loader GX. Wii and Gamecube games work fine. I have set up emuNAND and installed all the WiiWare WADs to the emuNAND I created using USB Loader GX. WiiWare titles installed to the NAND work fine but all WiiWare titles installed to emuNAND reset back to USB...
  5. XC-3730C

    Hacking Error Code: 2155-8007 when launching specific games

    I have a Switch Lite + SX Lite with 256gb microSD card on SXOS 11.0.0 EmuNAND. I try to run Super Mario Odyssey and Super Mario 3D All Stars amd noticed the icons for these games looked a bit different. When I try to launch these, I get hit with a message displaying an Error Code: 2155-8007. I...
  6. XC-3730C

    Hacking Switch Lite + SX Lite chip - issues upgrading from 128gb to 256gb

    I have a Switch Lite with SX Lite and 128gb microSD. I am trying to upgrade to a 256gb while keeping the contents. I followed the guide here: Farthest I got when using the 256gb is I see the SX splash screen, then...
  7. XC-3730C

    GCN SDmemory card vs SD2SP2- which is better

    I am still waiting for my SD2SP2, but I have a memory card SD adapter (what I bought on Amazon is pictured here - looks like a WiiSD but I can'ttell). Is the SD2SP2 any better as far as compatibility and speed? Yes, I know a GCloader is better but I don't have the option to get one. Also, how...
  8. XC-3730C

    Hacking Memory card saving in injected Gamecube games?

    I have a Wii U with CBHC, and I have been able to properly convert Gamecube games to load from the Wii U home screen (they are saved to my external 2.5" USB HDD). They load fine, but all of them basically tell me that I can't save (Mario Sunshine says there is no memory card). Is there...
  9. XC-3730C

    Hacking Modding 2 different Wii U's with the same DS game?

    I just installed CBHC on my black Wii U using Brain age for $6.99. I want to mod another white Wii U that I got for really cheap on OfferUp. Can I use the same Nintendo account/downloaded game I already purchased? Or do I need to create an entirely new account and buy the game again for the 2nd...
  10. XC-3730C

    Hacking PS3 Phat with 4.46 stuck in demo mode

    I just got a PS3 phat that has Demo Mode 4.46 on it. I read that I need to get a reverter update, and after searching here and Google, I saw links on PS3Hax for this 4.46 reverter, but those Mega links are dead. Can someone help me out? I want to then install CFW on it (which one is best in...
  11. XC-3730C

    Homebrew Wii U Homebrew Launcher not showing any icons

    I have a Wii U 32gb with 5.5.3 with CBHC. I was installing some games to an external 2.5" 500GB HDD (with USB Y-cable), and they installed finest night, but then I basically copied everything from my smaller 32gb SD card to a 64gb SD card (so I can fit more to install to the HDD). Now a of a...
  12. XC-3730C

    Hardware I have to resync my Wii remote every time I turn on my Wii U

    I got a brand new Wii Remote with built in Motion Plus (the box it came in says it is for Wii U, but works with Wii) the other day. I have a CBHC modded Wii U with 5.5.3 FW, and vWii. Every time I turn on my Wii U, I have to sync my Wii remote for it to work on my Wii U, otherwise, I turn it...
  13. XC-3730C

    Hacking Playing Xbox Live Indie games through Aurora?

    I have an RGH 360 Slim and the latest Aurora Dash, and while Indie games show up in the menu, launching any of them doesn't work. How can I get these to work? 360 games, XBLA games, apps, and emus have no problem launching. Thanks!
  14. XC-3730C

    Hacking Setting up Aurora Dash + Original Xbox games?

    I just dug out my RGH modded 360 Slim. I needed the included 2TB drive (internal) for a project, and just installed a 500gb drive (internal) in it's place, as I don't need 2TB for a 360. What is a good installation guide for Aurora Dashboard (the included dashboard was FSD, but I read that it...
  15. XC-3730C

    Hacking Auto boot into USB loader GX?

    I have a Wii U modded with Haxchi/CBHC, and while I can press the home button to bring up the boot menu and choose vWii, how can I set it up to then boot straight into USB Loader GX? Or is there a way to choose USB Loader GX from the Wii U home page?
  16. XC-3730C

    Hacking vWii and emuNAND/neek for WiiWare games via USB Loader GX?

    I have a WiiU modded with CBHC, and just set up vWii. Wii and Gamecube are working on USB Loader GX (I have the modified version with the 3 separate tabs for Wii, GC, and WiiWare). I want to be able to play as many WiiWare games as possible, including Konami Rebirth titles, so can someone point...
  17. XC-3730C

    Hardware Dual SATA dock with 1 HDD for vWii, 1 HDD for Wii U?

    I recently (finally) made the upgrade from Loadiine to Haxchi + CBHC on my Wii U after it sat around for about a year unused. I have a spare dual SATA USB 3.0 dock (it doesn't have a USB hub, or memory card reader). Since installing Wii U WUP games to SD isn't possible, and flash drives on...
  18. XC-3730C

    ROM Hack Back up saves from one modded Switch to another?

    I gotta sell my modded Switch, but wanna get another Switch later on. How can I back up my saves from my current modded Switch, and restore them on another modded Switch? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  19. XC-3730C

    Gaming Backup saves from one hacked Switch to another?

    I have to sell my hacked Switch with SX OS v1.5 but I wanna back up the saves, and eventually get another hacked Switch. How can I do this. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  20. XC-3730C

    ROM Hack convert XCI to NSP?

    I use SX OS v1.4 on my Switch, and was wondering what tool can be used to convert XCI to NSP? I prefer NSP, as it adds the games to the home screen. Thanks!
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