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  1. omegasoul6

    Hacking How can I upgrade from Luma3DS with Menuhax on 9.2.0-20U to A9LH and keep my Emunand?

    Hey folks, I've been on Menuhax for a while and I was wondering how I could upgrade from Luma3DS with Menuhax on 9.2.0-20U to A9LH and if it would be possible to keep my V11.3.0-36U Luma3DS Emunand? Thanks.
  2. omegasoul6

    Hacking Flashing A lite-on without paying or soldering anything?

    Is there anyway to flash a fat Lite-on drive without paying or soldering? Thanks.
  3. omegasoul6


    Hey guys so... I've been playing a lot of osu! lately and just been wondering, who here plays it? I usually play the catch a beat mod though because i really suck at the actual osu! game mode.
  4. omegasoul6

    Hardware 3DS Screen Scratch Problem Fixed?

    I was just wondering before i bought a 3DS if the 3DS bumpers have been raised on anyone's 3DS when they bought it so the screen didn't get scratched. Thanks!
  5. omegasoul6


    Hey, Just wondering if anyone could PM me a 48 hour Xbox Live Code their not using! Thanks!
  6. omegasoul6

    Gaming Any way to play playstation games on tn-hen?

    I Just got my psp go today and hacked it with TN-A I was wondering if there is any way to play Playstation 1 games on it for free?
  7. omegasoul6

    Gaming Latest firmware shipped with psp go's?

    Hey Does anyone know what the latest firmware shipped with psp go was?
  8. omegasoul6

    Help finding a certain video

    Alright so there's this video i saw before where it was like final fantasy 6 with the decisive battle music but its a full out anime battle and randomly it will change to the final fantasy battle style. I've been looking for this for an hour P.S:Its title is japanese i believe Thanks alot
  9. omegasoul6

    Hacking New Firmware update is out!

    "CycloDS News 25.11.2010 CycloDS Evolution Firmware v1.60 has been released and is available for download from the support page. Changes in this release include: Numerous game compatibility fixes"
  10. omegasoul6

    Apple Ipod touch 2g MC 4.2 Jailbreak?

    Is there any way to jailbreak the newly released 4.2 update on the MC Model Ipod touch 2g?
  11. omegasoul6

    Hacking Program for trimming multiple games?

    Is there any program made to trim more then 1 game or all the games on your sd card? Thanks
  12. omegasoul6

    Hacking Wood Dstt?

    We should Really ask Yellow Wood Goblin If he could port his Wood R4/Rpg firmware to the dstt since lets face it... The dstt's firmware is dead
  13. omegasoul6


    Ive been here for a while but never really introduced myself,Sooooo Whats up
  14. omegasoul6

    Gaming Post your Gamerscore

    I got 7121 Gamerscore How about you?
  15. omegasoul6

    ROM Hack How can i edit pokemon black/whites title screen

    How can i edit pokemon black/whites title screen or pokemon hg/ss title screen
  16. omegasoul6

    Hacking Pokemon Black/White on dstt discussion

    So we know we could edit the dat files with ttdt but no one has been able to figure it out
  17. omegasoul6

    Hacking Eos working on dstti,Commercial roms dont work..

    Hello,I recently got the New Evolution OS working on my dstti/r4i everything works amazing even homebrew is fine,but when i try to load any commercial rom the screen stays at the loading screen forever,If anyone could help me resolve this it would be amazing!
  18. omegasoul6

    Hacking Homebrew/Twilight Hack on 4.0 Wiis?

    I was told Bannerbomb would be coming out soon...that was about a week or so ago. Is there any way to hack my Wii yet? Thanks in advance. :-)
  19. omegasoul6

    Hacking Downgrading from 4.0 without HBC?

    I'm wondering if there is currently any way for me to softmod my wii despite it being v4.0U? If not, is there a way being worked on/being released in the near future? I've never modded my wii in any way previously. Help would be greatly appreciated.
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