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  1. stl25

    Hacking Does anyone have the ability to update arm9select by @FIX94 to be B9S compatible?

    I understand that Luma3DS has a chainloader built in, but I do not use Luma3DS. Arm9select by @FIX94 was a simple standalone loader for A9LH files that required no config files. It would be awesome if it was easy to update to B9S compatibilty. Maybe I am the only one who would use it (I hope...
  2. stl25

    The let's profess our love for the great 3DS scene devs thread

    Good evening fellow tempers, First off let me say I'm not sure this is the right location for this thread, but all developments (CFW included) of the 3DS scene could be considered homebrew of sorts right. Let's not turn this thread into a this dev is better than this dev flame war. The aim...
  3. stl25

    Hacking Gateway site update

    We are almost there! The next big updates with 10.3 and A9hax support, as well as a nice surprise, are just around the corner. We apologize for the delay to fulfill our announcement, but as always we deliver. Please understand weare still supporting our V1 hardware from a few years ago...
  4. stl25

    Homebrew Custom hblauncherloader_otherapp_payload_NEW-9-2-0-20-USA.bin

    I have made a custom version of yellows8 hblauncher_loader.cia to load gateway directly from sysNAND. My question is since I edited the payload file to launch gw3d.3dsx. I would like a second payload on the sd that launches the regular homebrew launcher using the original yellows8...
  5. stl25

    Homebrew [Request]yellows8 homebrew_launcher cia with Gateway icon/banner

    Bear with me and me OCD. Has anyone compiled a custom hblauncher_loader cia with different icons? I used the hblauncher_loader 1.1 cia to boot into Gateway directly by renaming GW.3dsx to boot.3dsx and placing it on the root of mSD. I would like to change the icons of the cia to display the...
  6. stl25

    Hacking 128 GB SD use with emunand 9.4 question?

    I recently installed Gateway 2.7 launcher.dat to 128 GB SD with 9.2 emunand. Booted into emunand, updated emunand to 9.4. Upon reboot into 9.4 emunand devmenu and bigbluemenu no longer launch either from installed CIA from emunand or 3DS rom from red gateway card. Has anyone experienced this? I...
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