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    Stupid question about non jailbroken ps4 updates, demos, dlc etc.

    Sorry if this sounds super retarded or if it’s been answered a billion times before i know it's said that you can only play games that are on a jailbroken firmware or older so nothing 9.03+ Until a new jailbreak is found … why? The thing I’m curious about is for example update files, why can’t...
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    What is the best games by firmware list and is there any way for us to pre-determine whether something will be 9.0.0 compatible?

    As the title asks, What is the best games by firmware list and is there any way for us to pre-determine whether something will be 9.0.0 compatible? Looking at firmware release dates 9.0.3 came out December 1 so it’s only a matter of time till games require it, but for example I see that dying...
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    Hacking ps4 on 4.70 which Jailbreak and why?

    I just dug my PS4 out of my Garage and realized its on 4.70, from what ive read I can update to any firmware via thumb drive offline updates but no downgrading. so it looks like my choices are 5.05, 6.72, 7.02 & 7.55 from what ive read 6.72, 7.02 & 7.55 are way less reliable with the...
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    Homebrew Question is there a faster alternative to FTP?

    this is a big 1st world problem but here goes... i hate having to not only remove the case off my switch but hate that when you remove the SD card it forces a reboot. so FTP (eventhough its god awfully slow) has been nice to transfer games and big files too my switch. but then i think of for...
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    Hardware Transparent Top Shell Case Cover for Nintendo Switch !! anyone try it?

    i was browsing aliexpress when i noticed a clear topcase for the Nintendo Switch...
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    Hardware looking for a controller adapter looking for opinions

    im looking for a controller adapter so i can put off a pro controller purchase also so i can atach the dongle to my cronusmax and macro some repetitive grinding. i see 3-4 options (if there are others and/or better ones let me know) 8bitdo adapter mayflash magic-ns qumox n100 or "magic ns"...
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    Hardware is a full switch shell swap easy/worth the trouble

    Hello, I have a dead switch i picked up 2nd hand and my primary switch that the shell has cracks & scratches and the vent grills on top have all broke off. so ideally I want to put my good guts in the shell that doesnt look like it survived the apocalypse. the cracks on the back seems simple...
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    Homebrew Question could switch linux run a Plex server?

    Hello, I'm sure like many people, I have an updated primary switch and low firmware switch that's just sitting collecting dust for whatever future coldboot hacks etc. there are. Anyway, I hear the Nvidia Shield is the only small android device capable of running a plex server that can do...
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    ROM Hack Question is it possible to convert South Park: The Fractured but Whole pc saves to switch

    Hello, ideally I would like to pick up where i left off in South Park: The Fractured but Whole, doesn anyone know if it is possible? thanks
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    Hacking Question sxpro sxos license transfer

    just curious is there a way to revoke the licence from your one switch so you can activate it on a new one? thanks
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    Gaming e-fuses how are they legal?

    random shower thought: e-fuses how are they legal? i understand the idea behind them, its a physical hardware change that can be enacted via software and if a firmware checks for a specific amount of e-fuses to be there before it will install and will otherwise fail if some are blown. what...
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    Hardware anyone know of a waterproof switch case think lifeproof not a carycase

    I know this is a 1st world problem, but does anyone know of a waterproof switch case i want one so i can play in the hot tub. i dont even need full ipx68 etc. just mainly want some splash-proofing. just to head this off, yes i realize there is a fan in there thus the probable reason for no...
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    Hardware Looking for a new 3DS XL waterproof case

    I got a new 3DS :D I have a tendency to go swimming or at least into a hot tub with my electronic devices luckily with my iPhone I can have a lifeproof case for that unfortunately haven't been able find find anything for the 3DS similar to a lifeproof case and that's what I'm looking for I...
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    Hacking sky3ds private header questions

    Hello, don't flame me I am a newb but I've tried and I don't seem to be having luck googling, maybe I don't understand something. So I want to play ROM dumps online my understanding is I need legit headers to do so So I booted OOT3D to run the gateway launcher. I then backed up my NAND just...
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    Hacking gateway blue card error

    Hello, I just got a gateway and when I try to run the blue card I click on the deep labyrinth and it goes to lack screen that says an error has occurred I'm unsure how to solve this I've tried Micro SD cards (a 1gb microsd kingston, a 4g micro sdhc adata and a 64gb mico sdxc samsung evo all...
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    Hacking i have a r4 but want sdhc whats the best card nowdays

    i have a r4 but want sdhc microsd whats the best card now days thanks
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    Hacking how do you use the comicbook ds converter in osx

    i want to use pictods to convert to comicbookds files without loading virtual pc their as a mac version release i assume its a app for terminal and no gui cause i cant see one can anyone please give me step by step instructions thanks
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    Hacking convert to dpg on osx

    how do you convert movies to dpg on mac osx anyone have a application or easy step by step instructions thanks
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    Hacking how to use pictods on the mac

    does anyone how to use pictods on the mac? the mac version is not a application its a script it looks like anyway hope you can help thanks
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    Gaming best ds go game?

    whats the best go game for the ds preferably with go problems also thanks
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