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  1. DSGamer64

    Gaming Pokemon Heart Gold release bug

    Hello all, it's been a long time since I last posted. But I come with an issue that needs sorting. So I'm running Pokemon Heart Gold through NDS Bootstrap and I seem to have encountered a bug in the release and I'm not sure if this is something anti-piracy related or what but when you get to...
  2. DSGamer64

    Gaming Issues with Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland

    Hey guys, so I wanted to play this game with the translation patch finished, but it seems I am having some issues with the game post install. So I got the CIA file with the translation patch already installed, dropped it onto my memory card and installed it with CIA. Also installed the update...
  3. DSGamer64

    [Books] A Memory of Light - hype thread

    The final installment of Robert Jordan's fantasy epic series The Wheel of Time is set to come to a close on January 8th, when the 14th and final book will be released world wide. It has been almost 23 years since the start of what was originally designed to be a trilogy, turned into one of the...
  4. DSGamer64

    Review Rayman: Origins Review (PS Vita)

    Introduction: Rayman: Origins is a traditional side scrolling platformer from Ubisoft, a franchise that hasn't seen this type of release in some time. This review focuses solely on the PS Vita version of the game, including the controls and various features the game has. Ubisoft has released...
  5. DSGamer64

    Origin hits 1st year anniversary - "huge success"

    EA's digital distribution service hits the 1 year anniversary. In it's 1st year of service, EA's Origin digital distribution and software integration program has seen 12 million downloads and...
  6. DSGamer64

    Gaming WTB: Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D (hype thread&#33

    Still no release date announcement for North America and Europe, due out on May 21st in Japan though. I am really looking forward to this game. Rumours have it that the monster list will contain upwards of 400 monsters from the Dragon Quest franchise, I'd assume that some are limited to online...
  7. DSGamer64

    Hacking Cheats not working on DSTWO

    Seems that more then a couple of games aren't working with the USRCHEAT.DAT file. The latest apparently is from March of last year, at least that I could find on this website anyway. Any suggestions on what the issue might be? I get the cheat screens for any game that has cheats, but the...
  8. DSGamer64

    Blizzard and Valve trading blows over DotA name To be fair, DotA originated because of WarCraft III, therefor Valve really doesn't have the right to be using the name when they never published the game or even had any involvement in the original game. On the...
  9. DSGamer64

    HP TouchPad fire sale, a hacking future ahead?

    With HP putting the TouchPad tablet on a fire sale of 100 dollars for the 16GB model and 150 for the 32GB, this seems like a good opportunity for someone with knowledge in rooting mobile devices to come up with a way to root it to run Honeycomb 3.0 rather then WebOS. The reason for this is that...
  10. DSGamer64

    Hacking SCDS2i vs CycloDSi Evolution for 3DS

    Since my M3i Zero went tits up on me and it's only a few months old, I want to get either the Supercard DS2i or the CylcoDSi Evolution for playing DS games. So what are the opinions of the population on either of these two cards, don't give me your opinions if you haven't used a certain card...
  11. DSGamer64

    Hacking No SD Card Error

    Apparently still plagues the M3i Zero even after the supposed update from the G6 Team quite a while ago. It works fine on a normal DS but won't work on my 3DS and quite frankly I am not carrying around two devices to play games. So while it worked initially on my 3DS, my card hasn't booted up...
  12. DSGamer64

    Minecraft 1.6 update this week

    Notch has posted the 1.6 change list and bug fix list for the upcoming 1.6 patch. The updates biggest feature is the use of maps, something that will surely enhance the play experience. Craftable maps will be available and the Nether will be accessible in multiplayer. The change list is rather...
  13. DSGamer64

    [Rumor] Asus leaks AMD Bulldozer (Zambezi) specs?

    Source The FX Turbocore is based on TDP. So when only one or two cores are being utilized the FX boards will automatically overclock those cores up to 125w, compared to only 95w on the lower end models. While this may not affect overclockers, for the general public this could be huge. IF the...
  14. DSGamer64

    Gaming Pokemon B/W, anyone breeding Zorua?

    Anyone happen to be breeding Zorua with Ditto that would be able to trade me one? I am trying to finish my Pokedex and am only missing a few for the Unova Dex.
  15. DSGamer64

    Re-enabling microphones on Windows 7

    So apparently I removed a couple of microphone options from my Sound settings and now I can't figure out how to get them back. Basically, I can't use the microphone port on the front of my case for my gaming headset, nor can I use the microphone on my web camera (Logitech C5500). Anyone know how...
  16. DSGamer64

    I'll just leave this here!/vi...07&comments For all the Pink Floyd fans, I leave this for you. Enjoy, cause I doubt the two will ever tour together.
  17. DSGamer64

    The sun is up...

    It's almost 6 AM EST, I went to bed at midnight and slept till 2:30 before waking up to a wicked nightmare. Played Pokemon Black for a couple of hours and did some trading on GTS, thanks to whoever the chump was that traded me a Zekrom for the Volcarona that I raised from the egg Point of this...
  18. DSGamer64

    Blockbuster Canada tanks (finally)

    Source And another one bites the dust. Nothing of value lost and all that jazz. I haven't been to Blockbuster in years because their selection is terrible and their prices are outrageous.
  19. DSGamer64

    Canada Votes 2011

    Thanks for wasting our tax dollars to give a right wing fascist pro war health care killing douche bag another chance at getting a majority guys, us tax payers really appreciate it.
  20. DSGamer64

    So, I was given a warning

    For no apparent reason it looks like. None of my recent posts have been deleted and I did not receive a message from a moderator about any infraction. So, someone can reset my warning level to 0 seeing as how it seems I did nothing wrong but got a warning level increase for no reason.
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