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  1. sonictopfan

    Issue With Adrenaline Bubble Manager

    Earlier today I ran into a weird issue, I have Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary for the PSP, it runs fine via Adrenaline, however if I create a bubble shortcut it gives a black screens and misses up Adrenaline that I need to reinstall it, I tried several other games both PSP and PS1 I didn’t have this...
  2. sonictopfan

    Can I Use A Switch Pro Controller With Nintendont?

    I tried Bloopair but Nintendont gives me blackscreen, trying different emulators also resulted in crashing on start up or weird behavior, Switch Pro controllers don’t seem to work in vWii mode, is there a solution? I also have a PS4 controller if that helps.
  3. sonictopfan

    Question... How Restore PS Splash Screen With Enso

    I saw tutorials on youtube where they used a software called “Molecule” but they were in spanish so I didn’t understand what they were saying, I also saw tutorials to create custom ones using a plugin called “custom boot splash by princess of sleeping” but that one requires you creating a custom...
  4. sonictopfan

    Is there a way to unhide files and folders permanently?

    What the title says, I recently downloaded a game but when decompressing the file I ended up with an empty folder, only to realize the files are all hidden similar to how PS Vita system files work, is there a way to force unhide them?
  5. sonictopfan

    Idea to solve the 300 titles limit

    I remember reading that if you exceed the 300 titles limit on the 3DS you will still be able to launch the older titles if you run them from FBI... if true, based on this knowledge I thought, why not make a software that just lists the titles installed on your system, something similar to USB...
  6. sonictopfan

    Emulation [Request] Flycast (Dreamcast emulator) for Wii U?

    There’s a decent PS Vita version as well as Nintendo Switch, could this run on Wii U at a decent speed? I really miss the Dreamcast 🙏
  7. sonictopfan

    Homebrew How Many CIAs Is The Limit?

    What the title says, I heard you can only install about 300 games on a 3DS, I’m close to that (around 200+) most of which are GBA injects and such, and I wanna be sure it’s not risky to install more titles, I don’t wanna risk bricking my 3DS, I should mention I didn’t back up my NAND (I can’t...
  8. sonictopfan

    Hacking How To Delete Corrupt Tik Files? Wup Installer (No CFW)

    I have been using Wup Installer GX2 to install my Wii U disc backups and I succeeded in it, but then I thought “should I try to get the dlc for Smash too using Mocha + Tik2SD?” (bad idea) now I can’t redownload my pre-purchased dlc, I tried deleting the whole game including my save data, I have...
  9. sonictopfan

    Hardware Connection Issue (Wii U + 3DS)

    Short version: I can't connect to the internet with my Wii, Wii U, and 3DS, I keep getting Error 52231 on Wii and Error 003-2102 on 3DS. Long version: I had a DSL connection and I been using my Wii since 2008, 3DS since 2011, and Wii U since 2013 and they always worked fine online via wifi. A...
  10. sonictopfan

    Hacking Running PSX games With Iris Manager

    Sorry for starting a new topic, I searched the forum and didn't find any topic that is related to my issue, feel free to remove the topic if it violates any rules, anyway here goes... I have a 250 GB Slim PS3 with a CFW 4.41 and I have a bunch of games that I have installed on the external hard...
  11. sonictopfan

    Gaming DS lite Freezes on Settings Menu, Help!

    I looked around and googled for about an hour but didn't find anyone having a similar problem so I'm posting it here hoping to get an answer, please feel free to move the topic or remove it if it breaks any violations. So I was playing on my DS lite last night with my AceKard2i, I play with it...
  12. sonictopfan

    Gaming How Change The 'Home Menu' To English In A Japanese Game?!

    Hi all, sorry if this is been asked before but I looked around and found no solution, I have USB-loader on my Wii and I got Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary on it, along with the other two Puyo Puyo games (Puyo Puyo 7 and Puyo Puyo 15th Anniversary) but since these games were only released in Japan...
  13. sonictopfan

    Hacking Problem with Megaman 10!

    Well i had a problem with Megaman 10 and i googled it but i can't seem to find a topic about the exact problem i got! So i installed a hacked version of Megaman-10 [NTSC] (U) with Wad Manager using IOS250 and the game was installed fine, i have the channel and everything, but when i click on...
  14. sonictopfan

    Gaming Sonic DS Prototype

    Hi, i found something and i got a question, please if this is the wrong place for the thread do remove it, moving on... So a lot of you know this unreleased Sonic Demo on DS, for those who don't, in short it was a demo game to show what the DS is capable to...
  15. sonictopfan

    Homebrew GBA roms to work on DS using Slot-1

    I apologize if this topic has been made before, but i searched and didn't find it! So before anyone say anything like "No it'll never happen cause of the CPU limitations" or "just buy an Ez-3in1 card" or "just buy GBA games they're cheap" i'm aware of all that and i would buy either a Slot-2...
  16. sonictopfan

    Gaming Mario and Sonic Winter Games DS

    Hi all, i'm not sure if this is the right section so if it's wrong you can move it... Anyway i have been playing with Mario and Sonic Winter Games on DS, and i been trying to clear the game 100%, but there are four missions i can't gold and 2 Staff Ghosts i can't beat, here are they: Staff...
  17. sonictopfan

    Gaming Sonic Rivals 2

    I have both Sonic Rivals 1 and 2 and i bet both games 100% and unlocked all costumes but it took me a lot of work, about 2 months ago i updated the firmware of my PSP without knowing about the save issues, now some game can't load the save files anymore and instead it gives me "corrupted file"...
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