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  1. airline38

    Hacking 4.3K virgin Wii is hacked by using WODE+Wit

    Take a look at this below which I made few mins ago !! I used WODE to load a merged ISO by using "wit" to combined KOR WiiFit+ JPN Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds. Thanks for Wiimm's "wit" and WiiCrazy's Yu-gi-oh 5Ds JPN expliot.
  2. airline38

    Hacking 4.3J virgin Wii include all Korea IOS (40,41,43,45,46)

    Seveal people in Taiwan confirmed they just bought 4.3J virgin Wii and found all Korea IOS (40,41,43,45,46) have been already existed and most of the version is v3606 which will cause error -1017 if we tried to install IOS41 or 43 lower version (v3091). (TBR won't work to downgrade IOS15 if we...
  3. airline38

    Hacking Wii Menu Changer

    Is there someone know anything about this ? (Wii Menu Changer) Is this the tool to change any region of a Wii console ?
  4. airline38

    Hacking Modchip to hack 4.3 virgin Wii ?

    Is there anyone tried to use a modchip (EX:Wiikey Fusion ) to hack 4.3 virgin Wii ? According to the Wiikey Fusion information, we can load game (ISO file) to its SD card reader. If a 4.3 (no matter J/U/E/K) virgin Wii is compatible with this kind of SD card reader , suppose we can load SSBB...
  5. airline38

    Hacking 4.3 virgin Wii ? New game including 4.3 ??

    It has been around 2 weeks since 4.3 firmware was announced by Nintendo. Is there anybody who really get a 4.3 virgin Wii ? or is there a new game with 4.3 in it ? (no matter 4.3J or U or E or K)
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