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  1. masterspike52

    external hdd not read on ps4 when plugged in directly but read when plugged into usb hub

    im looking for suggestions, my external 4tb WD hard drive can be read through a usb hub but not when its directly connected to either port on my ps4. ive tried the basic troubleshooting things such as restarting the ps4, unplugging the hdd then plugging it back, having it unplugged while the...
  2. masterspike52

    Tutorial How to make ReiNX Work With LayeredFS and mods including Qlaunch

    Step 1. Download the nightly of ReiNX and the ReiNX toolkit . . step 2. Place the ReiNX folder in the nightly on the root of your sd card (if you have a previous version of ReiNX...
  3. masterspike52

    Homebrew a list of all the homebrew that currently works with 5.0.2

    this is a list of all the homebrew that currently works on 5.0.x RULES OF THE THREAD 1. The switch soc damage has been confirmed a false rumor 2. dont tell me or anyone "if you dont know what your doing then dont do it" ill happily help you if you dont 3. your an adult, you make your own...
  4. masterspike52

    ROM Hack The Discussion of smash 4 modding things

    hello everyone, i've decided that because we've cluttered @gryz 's thread with things that it wasnt meant for that i needed to move the discussion here, this is where we can put tutorials and have discussions of discovery for smash 3ds things we know so far. ALWAYS, ALWAYS MAKE BACKUPS OF THE...
  5. masterspike52

    ROM Hack Smash 3ds CSS moding

    I edited jam1garners easy CSS editor for the wii u to change the proper offset for the 3ds so now we can edit the position of smash 3ds's CSS. Editor v1.3.2.pyw?dl=0 heres the download heres a tutorial made by ih8ih8sn0w so you dont end up with a...
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