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  1. Tex_McBladeSword

    Hacking Is There (Or will there be) any way to use the PocketStation App on non-Japanese Vitas?

    Title says it all, really. I tried looking into it myself but I didnt see much on the topic so I figured I would ask around here
  2. Tex_McBladeSword

    Options for Playing Wonder Project J2 on a Console?

    I really like Wonder Project J2 for the Nintendo 64. Unfortunately we never got an official localization. A fan translation does exist though, and I have played it on my computer. My question is, what are my options for playing the English Patched copy of the game on an actual 64? I know of the...
  3. Tex_McBladeSword

    Hacking DL game (Sakura Wars) freezes mid-game?

    No, this is not the problem that people have talked about before. I can get the game to start just fine and everything is great... Until I get halfway through Chapter 5. There is a certain cutscene that whenever it starts up the entire game crashes. No error or anything, just an entire freeze up...
  4. Tex_McBladeSword

    Hacking Having some emulator troubles on vWii

    Hey, so Ive had a Wii U since... Well awhile, but I never got around to setting up my vWii since at the time I already had a modded Wii. Anyways, I no longer have said Wii and decided to set up my vWii. Installation went fine, I can load both Wii and GC games with no problems, but when I tried...
  5. Tex_McBladeSword

    Hacking How to install FBI on emunand?

    So, I have an 8.1U Sysnand, and a 9.9 Emunand. I had everything set up fine before, but something happened and I had to restore a blank copy of each. Now, before, both my Sysnand and Emunand were linked, so I didnt have any troubles. However, now they are unlinked, and Im left with a problem...
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