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  1. J

    Hacking xbox one x problems

    (Edit:solved with usb flash drive update) so last night i was playing my xbox one x normally on red dead 2. it crashed randomly and gave me this error. so i restarted it and everything was fine. then today ive played it abit more until about an hour in. red dead2/netflix crashes and i cannot...
  2. J

    Hacking xbox dev home black screen

    please could someone help or advise what to do. i have tried dev mode today (its always worked before) but today it lets me sign into dev mode but black screens in dev home so i cant exit dev mode. i can access settings exc but not dev home menu. the rest of the dash board seems normal. i have...
  3. J

    Hacking dedicated space for dev mode?

    i have set devmode to have 27gb of space. i installed the few emulators that are available with roms that total to around 6gb. now if i try to copy anything else to it it tells me its full. but clearly isnt?
  4. J

    Hacking can omsk mode be used on 5.05??

    was wondering if omsk mode could be used on 5.05 but also for full games not just demos??
  5. J

    Hacking New to Xbox one x

    I would like to activate dev mode but can't seem to do such a simple task lol. When goin to Microsoft site there isn't anywhere to type in my code that's generated from my Xbox. Sorry if this is really really dumb of me but any pointers would be highly appreciated
  6. J

    Hacking Which firmware is best?

    So ive had my switch on 3.0 waiting patiently for cfw/hacks. I wanted to get Mario oddysee for the kids but couldn't because I didn't want to update past 3.0 So now with all current things in the works is there any need not to update for Mario? Sorry if it's asked somewhere I no lower is better...
  7. J

    Hacking upgrading internal hd? which sizes are best?

    hi i am looking to upgrade my internal hd on ps4 pro. i have a 1TB which is filled up sooooo quickly!!! but every guide i find suggests a 2tb. i wanted a minimum of 3 or 4. would be nice to hear from people if they have and what they are using (size/brand).
  8. J

    Hacking not on latest update but still playing online?

    i have a ps4 pro on 5.01 but noticed everyone saying theres a 5.03 update out. why am i still able to play online on a lower firmware?
  9. J

    Hacking about audio on the gamepad

    i just wanted to know if it was possible for anyone to modify the audio that comes out of the aux on the gamepad? it sounds fine untill i plug in some headphones (they are decent headphones btw) but they sound really tinny and low in volume while using vwii.
  10. J

    Hacking dualshock ps4 convert for vwii (bluetooth)

    i havnt posted or looked around here for a long time as nothing seems to really happen!! but i have just seen over at "wiiu hax site" a developer has created an app that allows ps4 controller to be used via bluetooth on the wii (its called ds4wiibt connection) are there any possibilitys of...
  11. J

    Gaming new zelda releases for wii u. discussions!

    i have been waiting for a long time for the zelda game to be released. but i just watched a video and im confused lol what zelda is this? (second video down) this is the one ive been waiting for and its not hyrule warriors and its defo not the same graphics at this
  12. J

    Hacking wiisx

    this maybe such a silly question but i was reading and nintendont is classed as an interpreter and not an emulator? if this can be done with gamecube games would this not of been possible in a simular way for a n64 and wiisx.
  13. J

    Hacking can anybody explain how to use tin tin on emulated nand??(folder structure)

    apparantly from what i read a long while back that tin tin had a certain type of protection on it. and the game would crash after each level. it works on an emulated nand but how do i set it up? i used modmii to convert the game for use with SNEEK. is the game ment to be dropped within the...
  14. J

    Hacking emulated nand for wii and vwii

    i thought i would start this thread because i see quite a few people saying/asking about playing wiiware and vc wads on vwii. and seeing as some people have made a few mistakes with semi bricks exc i thought this would be a good chance for people to discuss emulated nands. and weather they work...
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