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    Misc Zelda Tri Force Heroes - looking for a player in Australia (ONLY)

    Hey guys, me and my friend play Tri Force heroes and the ping is fine since we both live in Perth, but when an unknown third player joins, the latency is disgusting, response times are horrible. So looking for someone to play Tri Force heroes with located in Australia. My friend code is...
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    Homebrew Freeshop doesn't work after region swap

    Here's a break down of what I did: I have a USA O3DS. I followed Plailect's region swap guide from U to E, the system's new region defaulted to Albania. I formatted the system, selected Australia for the region and update to 11.6, then installed FBI, luma updater, etc and freeshop. I start...
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    Hardware Do you get headaches from playing on your 3DS?

    I use my Surface Pro 4 for hours on end and I'm fine but using my N3DS for 30 minutes results in a headache (I'm 17M if that means anything)... Does anyone else have this? And for anyone with this problem has using a 3DS XL helped due to the bigger screen?
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    Hacking What exactly does an original game disc have compared to a backup?

    Newer Wiis cannot run backups without a mod chip, so what exactly is different about an original and a backup? Can't we make a backup that 'copies' the original perfectly?
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    Hacking Fake R4i works on O3DS (U) but not on N3DS (E) (Both have latest CFW and all that)

    I've followed the troubleshooting broken DS mode, white-listing flashcarts and all that but cant seem to figure this out! On my O3DS (USA 11.6 B9S Luma) the flashcart runs fine from home menu and it loads fine. However on my N3DS (EUR 11.6 B9S Luma) if loaded from the home menu, it says the...
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    Hardware How do EUR 3DS know whether to connect to Australian eShop or European eShop?

    How does it know? Does it use your external IP to detect where you are in the world and connect accordingly? I'm pretty sure Australia and Europe have different eShops altogether and not just the same eShop with different viewing currency because in Freeshop you can see Australia and Europe as...
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    Hardware Need best Wii HDMI FHD Upscaler advice

    What are some reputable upscalers that won't add too much latency and preferably de-interlace, post process anti-aliasing, basically improve the 480p crap the Wii outputs? I'm located at Australia so please don't link me US Amazon links, shipping is too expensive and Aussie dollar is weak af...
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    Gaming Does anyone own Skylanders Swap Force Wii game?

    Please PM me, need some help :)
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    ROM Hack R4i (DSTT clone) flashcart works fine on ds lite but white screen on 3DS

    Hey guys, I have a fake R4i (I think its a DSTT clone from, website is down) which works fine with my DS Lite but white screens on my CFW N3DS (latest Luma, B9S). It just white screens regardless of having a microSD card inside the flashcart... so the 3DS is blocking it? Also...
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    Hacking NTRboot apparently successfully installs using ds lite on my r4i, but doesn't work

    Okay so the flashcard I have is a fake one (I've had this for a LONG time), from It's called R4i 3DS on the card. So I used my DS lite and this flashcard to boot into the ntrboot installer (nds file), then it said 'installation failed' for all the flashcard options except the...
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    Hardware Need advice on buying o3DS housing (current one is worn out and damaged)

    So, I got my 3DS back in 2011 when i was 11 and in my twelvie years, I was stupid and the console's housing has a lot of dents and scratches (weird, right?). Anyway I'm wanting to replace the outside housing and the top screen frame. I plan to get these parts off eBay...
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    Homebrew How to update emunand without losing CIA games?

    I updated my o3DS rxtools emunand sometime ago from some version to 10.7 and lost all my CIA games. I want to update to latest version now but how can I do so without losing my CIA games?
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    Gaming Why Switch has no backwards compatibility (and other possibilities/workarounds)

    Many people are disappointed to see that Nintendo announced that the Switch has no backwards compatibility for physical discs/cartridges. This is probably because there's no touchscreen; Both Wii U gamepad and 3DS has touchscreens, and not to mention 3DS has TWO screens while the Switch clearly...
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    Gaming Got $20 eBay voucher what to get?! (PC related stuff)

    I just got a $20 AUD eBay voucher, but idk what to get any suggestions? Must be form, not I'm looking for stuff related to custom PCs or maybe media related stuff. Hit me up with your suggestions ty
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    Gaming For all PC Master Race citizens, would you consider the Nintendo Switch?

    I wanna know all you PC Master Race people's thoughts! (And yes I'm a PC Master Race person as well). Do the poll!
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    Misc How does Wiimmfi run and where does it source it's funds from?

    So do people donate to keep it running or what? Just curious :P
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    Gaming Skylanders Portal- I can't find this answer anywhere on its compatibilty! Please help!!

    I know that the Xbox portal is unique and is not cross platform, and I know that the 3DS one is universal and is cross platform with all other platforms except xbox BUT I can't find this anywhere: What portals FROM OTHER PLATFORMS are compatible with the 3DS? Will the Wii/Wii U/PS3/PS4 portals...
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    Homebrew About Exporting and Importing Miis and Special Miis

    Is there anyway to export and import miis as .mii like the wii. I know you can create a mii on pc, import it to wii then transfer to 3ds, but it doesn't work for golden pant miis. So is there a way to directly import .mii files using homebrew? Then I could put so many in Streetpass Mii Plaza and...
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    Hardware Need Advice about getting New 3DS or not...

    So I have an o3ds (not XL) and it has rxtools with many games. Thing is that it has LOTS of wear and tear by which I mean marks, scratches and small dents. So I put black tape to make it look better (even though it still looks horrible but a lot better). But it's perfectly functional and good...
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    Hacking Need help I'm new to wii u hacking scene

    So I'm thinking of buying a Wii U (preowned for cheap) but anyways are there any homebrew for Wii U mode (so no vWii I already know of that)? And if so is it full kernel access or only userland? I have previous homebrew experience with 3DS and Wii, but I'm brand new to wii u. Could someone fill...
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