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  1. spielvan

    PS1/2 Playing on the Playstation 2 with the Mega Drive control (Retropad 32)

    Leaving the Oven on request, this video demonstrates how to play on a Playstation 2 console, with a Mega Drive control in an easy and simple way, with the help of Retropad 32 from Bruno Freitas (Bootsector).
  2. spielvan

    (Tip) Firefox (Android TV) 100% controlled by gamepad

    Hello my dear ones in this video teaching, a browser to surf the internet using his android tv box, 100% controlled by the gamepad, he is no longer in googleplay but I will leave his link in apkmirror which is a very good and reliable site to achieve apk.
  3. spielvan

    Tutorial (Tip) My design, Nintendo Wii remote without batteries

    Hello my dear, some time ago the staff asked me to make a video about my project of the Wii remote without batteries, connected to an ATX source, I hope you like it. * First of all, I know I could use rechargeable batteries or Wii remote battery, but this is not the purpose of the video...
  4. spielvan

    Tutorial (Tip) Raising the Player of the Playstation 3

    Hello my dear ones in this video teaching, a way that I discovered in my tests of how to resuscitate your disc player of the Playstation 3, with the aid of 3 discs, in which it just pulls the disc but does not even carry the same the game disc icon on the xmb of Playstation 3 or just spinning...
  5. spielvan

    Playing on the Nintendo 64 with the control of Playstation 3 wireless (Retropad 32 )

    Hello my dear, yesterday I did another tutorial with the retropad 32, developed by Bruno Freitas the @bootsector , this time I wanted to play with it on a Nintendo 64 with a wireless Playstation 3 control and no lag input. It was a marvel, it's one more tip.
  6. spielvan

    Gaming Playing on the Nintendo WII with the Wireless Playstation 3 controller (Retropad 32 - For the Remote

    This video demonstrates how to play a Nintendo Wii, with a wireless Playstation 3 controller, as a Classic Controller easily and simply, with the help of Retropad 32 from Bruno Freitas (Bootsector) and Retro Receiver from 8bitdo.
  7. spielvan

    Playing in Android Tv Box with Playstation 2 control (Retropad 32)

    This video demonstrates how you can play in an Android Tv Box that have the USB with x-input drive (control of X-box 360) with a control of Playstation 2 easily and simply, with the help of Retropad 32 of Bruno Freitas (Bootsector).
  8. spielvan

    PS1/2 Using the Playstation 3 Wireless Controller throughout Playstation 2

    Hello, my dear ones, we have currently observed the support of the Playstation 3 Gamepad on Playstation 2, through the OPL Loader, but there is always a taste of want more, to be able to use the playstation 3 wireless control in all of playstation 2 without any lag , is now possible thanks to...
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