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  1. Deletable_Man

    Homebrew Recovering .sav files from SD backup?

    Edit: Sorry I meant for this to go in the CFW subforum Ok so I used my Emunand+Luma O3DS to dsiware downgrade another O3DS. All good. Seven days later I system transfer back to my O3DS, and for whatever reason the transfer doesn't end properly or something, and my Emunand is now in a bootloop...
  2. Deletable_Man

    Hacking Can I use purchased DLC with a loadiine-ready game dump?

    Basically I bought Smash the day it was released, but my disc stopped working mysteriously like four months ago right after I purchased another round of DLC and I miss playing it. I have obtained the loadiine-ready dump of Smash but I can't find a guide for using purchased DLC with loadiine...
  3. Deletable_Man

    Hacking Have my USB ports gone mad?

    Hello, gents. Let me preface this by saying I've been doing this hack thing off and on since we had to glitch the horse in Twilight Princess and I don't completely understand the various IOSes to a master's degree but I normally am good enough at following directions successfully :hrth...
  4. Deletable_Man

    Homebrew 2SF / Highly Nitric

    This news is a couple months old now, but UNKNOWNFILE at the HCS Forum has been working on the DS Sound Format, which he has named 2SF, and eventually a winamp plugin that he's calling Highly Nitric. He has been modifying Desmume and has posted this and a test 2sf file. Unfortunately, it only...
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