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  1. Ben_j

    Valve Looking for Hardware Playtesters

    I don't think they're playtesting consoles. The last questions (about nausea/dizziness playing FPS) makes me think they want to playtest a virtual reality device.
  2. Ben_j

    Hacking 3DS browser question, Playing video's/ flash

    So ? There's still Skype on Android and iOS and it's not exclusive to Windows Phone
  3. Ben_j

    Hardware Wii U Browser details: tabs, screenshots, HTML5, no Flash

    They're not obscure, they're simple features that should work out of the box with the same couple of functions on any browser, and it's not the case... I'm sick of mozSomeFunction, or having to have 8 lines of the same property on a css file with -moz, -o, -webkit, etc... I also worked with...
  4. Ben_j

    Hardware Wii U Browser details: tabs, screenshots, HTML5, no Flash

    The problem with HTML5 is that it does not work the same on each browser. Everyone makes his own interpretation of this or that API and you end up spending hours, if not days making your code compatible with every browser, only to end up with dirty hacks everywhere... Which is not the case with...
  5. Ben_j

    Android NDS4DROID Free open-source emulator for Android

    Will try this at home tonight, but if it only runs at half speed, it's not really worth it :/
  6. Ben_j

    Hacking Is this emulator legit?

    obvious troll is obvious
  7. Ben_j

    Competition Time 2: The Designing of a Handheld

    My bad, I thought it was organised by K1GBA for the design of a new console they're doing In a profesionnal context, we already had our ideas stolen after inivitations to tender, so...
  8. Ben_j

    Competition Time 2: The Designing of a Handheld

    Which ALL of these contests always are :) I'm very well aware of this kind of contests, usually they're made by a company to get new ideas for free...
  9. Ben_j

    Competition Time 2: The Designing of a Handheld

    The good old "do our job for free" contest ?
  10. Ben_j

    Gaming Mario Kart 7 to come to eShop?

    I think he meant people who own the cart will be able to download the game FOR FREE. It is not happening
  11. Ben_j

    Square Enix launches F2P cloud gaming service Core Online

    Tried Hitman... It took forever to load, and it was fuck ugly
  12. Ben_j

    Hacking 3DS Firmware has been decrypted

    No, I just WANT to be able to develop homebrews for the 3DS... Plus I'm sure 3DS cards would boost significantly the 3DS sales. I'd say the DS is the most hacked console of all times
  13. Ben_j

    Emulation IodineGBA, a javascript GBA emulator

    Exactly, and it works fine ! And for having worked on this project on many different mobile browsers, Safari is the most complete, and you can do almost anything you want with it, unlike most Android browsers...
  14. Ben_j

    Emulation IodineGBA, a javascript GBA emulator

    woops, sorry, I didn't think about that. I just wanted to share the emulator, not the roms. Ah :( I'll be watching that closely. Btw, I forked the GBC emulator to add cloudpad to it, it's one of our technology that lets you use your iPhone or other smartphone as a game controller for the...
  15. Ben_j

    Hacking DSTWO will not work in 3DS

    First be sure it's the 1.17 and not 1.15 update, the link in their download page is wrong. Then, rename the dsupdate.dat to dsupdateb.dat and put it on the root of the SD card. Turn on the 3DS and when you're on the error screen, wait 3mn with the 3DS on. Then restart and it should work.
  16. Ben_j

    Emulation IodineGBA, a javascript GBA emulator

    I've just seen on github that the guy who did the (excellent) GameBoy Color JavaScript emulator is now working on a GBA emulator. It's not testable yet but you can still look around in the sources here According to grantgalitz the project is close to being...
  17. Ben_j

    Gaming Kingdom Hearts 3D annoying glitch

    inb4 "we could use this as an exploit to hack the 3DS !"
  18. Ben_j

    Hardware What's Your Opinion on the 3DS Design?

    Can't remember if I already took part in that topic, but I always found the 3DS really really ugly. The 3DS XL, on the other hand, is sexy
  19. Ben_j

    Hardware 3DS 4.3.0-10 update relased!

    Okay so I figured it out, the link on their mini tutorial on the download page is not up to date and links to the 1.15 firmware and not the 1.17
  20. Ben_j

    Hardware 3DS data copy over to 3DS XL

    it won't work. You need the original 3DS with all of the games and data you want to transfer from...
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