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  1. Defiance

    9 Years (kinda) on the Temp!

    Don't have much to say.. I didn't think was gonna make it this far. Wasn't the world gonna end in 2012?? All in all, a lot has changed since 2007. (I also totally forgot I made previous blog posts.. yikes! (forever weird..))
  2. Defiance

    Thoughts on Life, College, Summer..

    Several things I've wanted to talk about, but I haven't. Around this time last year, I was an incoming freshman at a state university, worried about my college choice. I had graduated from a relatively small high school (~140 students in my class), and I can't say that I really enjoyed it. It...
  3. Defiance

    Comment by 'Defiance' in 'A little fustrated lately..'

    I appreciate your thoughts! I agree with your very last sentence-- communication is a very important part of careers and whatnot, but I also enjoy being an extrovert because I simply feel like I experience more than if I live an introverted life. However, I do have my many moments when I'm...
  4. Defiance

    Comment by 'Defiance' in 'A little fustrated lately..'

    haha thanks for the very detailed reply! It makes me feel better. As for the "we are all dying" part, I meant it to be a positive saying in that we get into this daily and dull routine, and that we should be trying new and different things to help give life some variety and experience. But I...
  5. Defiance

    A little fustrated lately..

    ..With things in general, basically. I don't know where to start, so I'll just write what comes to mind. -I still don't have a job, but I feel there's no point in looking for one now because I move into school in about a month's time.. I used to have a job at the library but I quit it at the...
  6. Defiance

    Comment by 'Defiance' in 'Got a new job! :D'

    Nice! I've been trying to get a job, but now that I have to move into school in about a month there's really going to be no one willing to hire me..
  7. Defiance

    I need to find ways to live

    Warning: The words below are basically a disorganized mess. Climb a mountain.. Learn to fly a plane.. Go very far up north, such as Northern Alaska, and view the northern lights.. But probably the most important one is to find people with the desire to live, such as I. I want to be doing...
  8. Defiance

    Comment by 'Defiance' in 'Would you wear this if it was put on a shirt?'

    Anymore news on this work of... art?
  9. Defiance

    Comment by 'Defiance' in 'How I think Nintendo can come back'

    I'll add another thing: 9. Originality. Seriously, all we see nowadays are sequels and remakes. The last original title I can remember is Pikmin, and that was in 2001. Make some more characters and universes!
  10. Defiance

    Comment by 'Defiance' in 'Would you wear this if it was put on a shirt?'

    I like it, though I could see people getting the wrong impression from it. :P
  11. Defiance

    Comment by 'Defiance' in 'Can't wait for next year.'

    What are you majoring in? I'm trying to get into some good universities myself, although I need to bring up my ACT/SAT.
  12. Defiance

    Comment by 'Defiance' in 'I'm getting married'

    Awesome! I just went to a wedding on Saturday, it was great.
  13. Defiance

    Comment by 'Defiance' in 'Schlupi: a History'

    What kinds of stories did you write? (It makes me rather sad that I'm entering my senior year and still haven't done anything that seems memorable.. :P)
  14. Defiance

    Comment by 'Defiance' in 'What's extasy like?'

    Hey, why not do drugs? People die younger, decreasing social security spending and overpopulation. They're actually very civil that way. So by all means, go until your hearts content and I'll sit by and watch some good ol' natural selection take route.
  15. Defiance

    Comment by 'Defiance' in 'Anyone wanna play Portal 2?'

    I still need to play co-op.. So I'm available (but not a lot because I've been very busy lately).
  16. Defiance

    Comment by 'Defiance' in 'Birthday planning'

    Me, Orc and you should all meet up and celebrate our birthdays together. Then there would be a party.
  17. Defiance

    Comment by 'Defiance' in 'So 20 hours for a game is short now...?'

    20 hours is in no way short; it all depends on how the gameplay is spent. For instance, Crysis took me ~15 hours to beat (with most secondary objectives), and it is one of my favorite games of all time, even with the price tag at around $50. Of course, I'm sure it depends on what type of game...
  18. Defiance

    Comment by 'Defiance' in 'Girl issues... need your opinion?'

    There are two possibilities here.. 1) The woman of whom you met gets her Metric and English measurements confused. Next time you meet her to go somewhere that involves walking, and she's too slow, kindly lecture her of the basic unit conversions and hopefully she will subtly realize her...
  19. Defiance

    Comment by 'Defiance' in '3D Taking Over?'

    The fourth dimension is time. Learn some physics, people.
  20. Defiance

    Comment by 'Defiance' in 'Cold Fingers + Piano = ??'

    Man, I cannot even get 32nds on the piano without it being cold! Yeah, I've been playing for around 8 years, but I'm still not really that good.
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