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  1. Defiance

    Any dogers see that spike today??

    Had bought ~40k doge a year ago for $100 total. Sold when I made $115 because I thought it was really dumb. Now I recently bought another ~29k for ~$1400, and my have since gone up ~50% as of now. I think of doge (and crypto in general) has a 'bet' on stupidity: when the markets are...
  2. Defiance

    Ask p1ngpong stuff

    Are you BoneMonkey?
  3. Defiance

    9 Years (kinda) on the Temp!

    Don't have much to say.. I didn't think was gonna make it this far. Wasn't the world gonna end in 2012?? All in all, a lot has changed since 2007. (I also totally forgot I made previous blog posts.. yikes! (forever weird..))
  4. Defiance

    Don't you Hate...

    as well as when ppl bump threads that are 8 years old ugh it's the worst
  5. Defiance

    meow..or something

    meow..or something
  6. Defiance

    [Discussion] Death

    When you die, there are two possible outcomes: "you" can either be nothing, or "you" can not be nothing. I think this has to be the letter for the same reason why the universe itself exists: if the alternative was true, or if the universe didn't exist -- there would be nothing to compare it to...
  7. Defiance

    Rate the song from the poster before you

    2.5/5 Music video wasn't too bad :P
  8. Defiance

    My dream is to establish the first university on the moon.. never really told anyone so I...

    My dream is to establish the first university on the moon.. never really told anyone so I thought I would share with all of you first
  9. Defiance

    Mad Max – Eye of the Storm Story Trailer

    tbh I would probably go mad and become a warlord too if I had a name such as Scrotus.
  10. Defiance

    post here funny pictures

    It's cuz turntables didn't exist in Darwin's time duh
  11. Defiance

    Mad Max and Half-Life Similarities

    Good points, I suppose I haven't seen/played very many world-ending based movies/games to notice.
  12. Defiance

    Mad Max and Half-Life Similarities

    Anyone here notice how the transitions from the first Mad Max film(s) to the new installment are similar to how Half-Life transitions into Half-Life 2? Both series start off with a relatively normal society, and then the next installments have completely different atmospheres. They both have...
  13. Defiance

    dumb things/thoughts as a kid.

    I used to think that when people got drunk, it was permanent. I didn't yet know the concept of becoming sober again.
  14. Defiance


    Has anyone seen this movie? It has near-perfect reviews, yet I cannot find it in any local theater! I'm trying to find it online, but not much luck is going on with that. I find the idea of it being filmed over 12 years rather intriguing, if done correctly, which seems to be the case. For...
  15. Defiance

    Love is in the air! GBAtemp February 2014 raffle!

    I'm really into Splice by Cipher Prime.. Hoping for them tor release Auditorium Duet sometime soon
  16. Defiance

    Tempmas Week 4: The party ain't over!

    I want to get into a research group and/or an internship, as well as gain leadership experience, all relating to my major. Some side goals including learning how to make shadow puppets, memorizing a few good songs to play on the piano, and maybe even learning to sing. Cheers!
  17. Defiance

    Most interesting person on GBATEMP 2013

    SCIENCE! wait is that still a thing
  18. Defiance

    just got a new kitten doe an early xmas gift...

    Name it after a drink, that's what my sister did with some of her pets (Tyskie and Tito)
  19. Defiance

    Rate the song from the poster before you

    Watched the first one, 4/5. Very clever, made me laugh. You have to listen to the whole thing, it's amazing.
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