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  1. hova1

    Apple Announces iPhone 5

    The only thing I like about the iPhone 5 is the nice hardware, something which Android manufacturers lack, but that's not enough to make me buy an iPhone 5. I find iOS to be a horrible operating system and I'm glad I switched to Android. Let's hope Sony, Samsung, HTC and the others step it up...
  2. hova1

    Jerry Lawler collapses during RAW

  3. hova1

    Jerry Lawler collapses during RAW

    This could be a work
  4. hova1

    Thief 4 Rumored to be a Next-Generation Release Title

    I think we'll get at least one console from either Sony or MS next year. I think it'll be Sony because The Last Guardian is being developed already for PS4
  5. hova1

    [Rumor] Google set to reveal Nexus 7 tablet

    The tablet is coming out next month and jelly bean is just an incremental update (It's Android 4.1), You are thinking of Key Lime Pie (Android 5.0) that is probably going to release with new Nexus phones later this year or early next year.
  6. hova1

    [Rumor] Google set to reveal Nexus 7 tablet

    I've been following this tablet since march and can't wait to get it. I was hoping the $199 price tag was including 16GB storage but i wouldn't mind paying $50 more. I'm becoming more and more a fan of the Nexus line. If rumors are true there might be 5 new Nexus phones coming later this year...
  7. hova1

    FLY'N trailer released

    looks cool visually but gameplay doesn't look too exciting
  8. hova1

    PS3 4.11 Version Spoofer with PSN access

    But you still can't play games that require over 3.55 firmware, correct? Or did i miss this because i don't follow these things closely?
  9. hova1

    Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP getting PC release on Steam

    I played it on iPhone when it came out and i will do it again on PC with my sets all the way turned up. This is a must play for everyone who likes point and click adventures or Zelda.
  10. hova1

    Next Neptunia Game Set In The ’80s, Coming To Japan This Summer

    These are horrible games, would not recommend
  11. hova1

    (Rumor) Dead or Alive 5 Roster Leaked

    Does that even have a serious competitive fan base like Street Fighter or Tekken? I don't understand who would buy something like this over popular Beat em Ups
  12. hova1

    Fez Dev to Japanese Developers: "Your games just suck."

    It's easy to criticize him. Yea he generalized a lot but here you have a guy who tries to make games and lives like poor just bring out this game and he does it to show that games can be more than just toys or silly teenager stuff. Then he sees the japanese devs coming out with silly shit like...
  13. hova1

    iPad 3 event - March 7 2012

    I'd rather want a Macbook redesign with retina display.
  14. hova1

    Nintendo wont allow The Binding of Isaac on the 3DS eShop

    i get what you're saying but i still think it's not fair. What would Miyamoto say if he wouldn't have been allowed to release SMB because eating mushrooms glorifies drug use.
  15. hova1

    Nintendo wont allow The Binding of Isaac on the 3DS eShop

    This article makes a good point. How dare we say videogames are art if this shit is still going on. Meanwhile in Japan, Nintendo has no problems with 3D lolicon boobs bouncing games on the 3DS.
  16. hova1

    Team Meat says eShop has 2GB file size limit, wants next game on Wii U

    Binding of Isaac is great, only a casual could hate it.
  17. hova1

    DS #5787: Marie-Antoinette and the Disciples of Loki (Europe)

    "Our people have no games." "Then let them have shovelware"
  18. hova1

    Angry Birds Space is Rovio's next big game

    Wow guys what's with all the hate? I like the game, it's fun and a good time waster. Of course there are better games on the App stores/Android stores but it's still a well made game. I'll download this one and i'm sure it's just as polished as Angry Birds Rio was.
  19. hova1

    Fake Megaupload sites surface (phishing scam)

    Well they should be smart otherwise that's a problem So they kill every bill that the public doesn't want? I seriously doubt that. Because the MPAA/RIAA paid more for lobbyists than Google and Facebook could afford? How can you say that, just because of some lines i wrote? I don't hate...
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