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  1. AirbusX

    Hacking New SD Card

    Hi Guys, I currently have a 128 gb card with SX OS PRO 2.4.1 installed. I also installed Emunand (partitioned on SD CARD I believe). I decided to buy a 256gb card and now I'm wondering what's the process to start using this new SD CARD instead of the 128 gb, I know the license transfers fine...
  2. AirbusX

    Hacking SX OS and Installer Question

    First and foremost I apologize if it’s a newbie question, but this is specific to the newest update of SX OS v2.4.1: I own a switch firmware version 3.0.1. I made my NAND backup and the emunand. Added a XCI and a NSP filé to the root folder. I read one of the features of the new OS is ignoring...
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