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  1. Kilim

    Hacking ReiNX.Guide - The Official ReiNX installation guide!

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the official thread for! In conjunction with our massive 1.6 release, as well as the release of our Toolkit, the ReiNX team spent lots of time creating a helpful guide to get you from a non-hacked Switch to one running ReiNX. Sure, there are lots of...
  2. Kilim

    Hacking Discussion Hacking a console to remove add DRM

    So this lovely gem was just plucked from the ReSwitched Discord. If you need any other reason to not use Atmosphere/ignore RS here's a prime example. They hacked a console to remove its they can add their own DRM. You know, to make sure we wouldn't do things they *disapprove of*. I...
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