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  1. esmith13

    Tutorial Fix Your Evercade Namco Collection Carts For Use On VS

    Hey Namco Collection 1 & 2 owners! Got both an Evercade & a shiny new VS console? Missing that classic Namco gaming in glorious 1080p on your TV? How about we fix that using just an EverSD, your Evercade handheld and my new "app"? B-) After following along as shown in this video your Namco...
  2. esmith13

    Tutorial Oldies EverSD ROM & Artwork Scripts for FW 2.x Stock UI

    Hello again Evercade+EverSD users! EverPatcher for handheld FW 2.x has arrived as a wonderful Holiday present for us all, so I thought I'd throw my offerings into the mix and add some additional Holiday cheer! :D You will find attached to the post a shiny new set of scripts (Windows only...
  3. esmith13

    Erista SXOS to Atmosphere - Questions

    Hi all, I have a few questions before I migrate from an SXOS software license on my Erista Switch to Atmosphere. I would appreciate it if some of you would spare the time to point me the correct way and/or ease my mind. My Setup: Launch Switch (Erista) on "current" release of SXOS - NO EmuNAND...
  4. esmith13

    EverSD – How to Run More Games from Stock UI

    Hello Evercade+EverSD users! If you’re anything like me, you absolutely LOVE your Evercade and what it stands for, but you also want to run your own roms to fill out your library while you wait for your favorites to come on future carts you can buy to support the awesome developers who made...
  5. esmith13

    Hacking What Flash Cart should I buy for DSi LL (1.4.5J) in 2021?

    Hi all, Looking to buy a flash cart for a DSi LL running 1.4.5J specifically to play NDS roms on. Only other request would be for it to support at least 32GB mSD cards, preferably larger. I do not care if it's a $15 flashcart or a $40 flashcart. I would happily pay for quality, no time bombs...
  6. esmith13

    New Sega Only Raspberry Pi Frontend Anyone who wants to build their own Sega Mini console with a Raspberry Pi should try this out. Supports Mega Drive, Mega CD, 32x, SMS & GG. Combine it with a Retroflag MegaPi case and a USB or BT Sega style 6-button controller and it looks like a professional...
  7. esmith13

    Hacking Updating N3DS B9S 1.0 to 1.2 & Luma3DS 7.1 to 8.1

    Hi all. I'm hoping to get help with updating B9S 1.0 to 1.2 and Luma3DS 7.1 to 8.1. I am following the steps here: The problem is, I put SafeB9SInstaller.firm and GodMode9.firm into SD:/luma/payloads and held START while powering on to get the chainloader menu but...
  8. esmith13

    Hacking HELP! Can't download PSP Demo to Vita via PS Store

    Hi all, I'm trying to take the opportunity while Henkaku can spoof PSN to "buy" and install a PSP Demo on my Vita for VHBL usage (I have a 3.60 Vita that was never activated online by me, just previous owner). What I have tried so far is: Signed in to my PSN account on this Vita. Activated it...
  9. esmith13

    Hacking Bought used 3.60 Vita, added HENkaku - retail game carts ok?

    So I recently bought a used vita running 3.60 (freshly reset/restored, no PSN account registered/activated). I put a clean formatted 8GB card in in and installed HENkaku and all the fun stuff available to date for it, including vita-activator. I believe it's activated to my (crap) PSN account -...
  10. esmith13

    Hacking System Transfer from and to A9LH/Luma3DS fw11.0 (Plailect Setup)

    Hi all, I could use some help with system transfers and an A9LH/Luma3DS setup... I have a fw11.0 o3DS with A9LH/Luma3DS sysNAND (No EmuNAND/RedNAND) and a brand new, fw 11.0 n3DS with the same A9LH/Luma3DS sysNAND setup. I stupidly started a system transfer before researching and after 8hrs...
  11. esmith13

    Hacking Followed Plailect's Guide on o3DS & n3DS, can't use Decrypt9 now

    Hi guys & gals, I'm hoping someone can help me with my issue. I followed Plailect's Guide on my o3DS & n3DS last week to get A9LH/Luma3DS setup. Everything is working great. Now I want to generate some X0rpad files to convert .3ds to .cia. The problem is I cannot get Decrypt9 to function in...
  12. esmith13

    Hacking Gateway Ultra 3.2 is OUT!

    Gateway Ultra 3.2 is OUT! text from todays post:
  13. esmith13

    Hacking List of USB Compat. games WITH IOS Requirements?

    OK, so i searched and searched for a USB Loader compatibility list for retail games and I DID find the one on the Wiki as well as a few individual threads about a few problem games... My question is, is there a list that references games that do work with USB loaders that require an IOS change...
  14. esmith13

    Hacking How to update 3.2U to 4.0 or 4.1U now that 4.2U is out???

    Like the title says, I have a soft modded (and chipped) USA Wii currently running System Menu 3.2U that I want to update to 4.0U or 4.1U to get some of the new features. I still want homebrew functionality and USB loading support. Can someone please suggest a way to do this now that 4.2U is...
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