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  1. Master Mo

    Hacking Modding a 360 slim

    I'm sorry if there's already an answers for this somewhere around here but still here I go: I'm planing to get rid of my PS3 in favor of a 360 but I don't know anything about it... So if I buy a used 360slim do I have to look out for anything special to ensure that it is moddable? I would...
  2. Master Mo

    [Rumor] Disney working on Epic Mickey 2!?

    Here a rough translation of the news (google-translated, since I`m too lazy to do it myself ): Maybe Epic Mickey 2 in the Works Disney may work to the action game Epic Mickey 2nd This can be found in an online survey of the publisher. This shows four possible Disney Pack Shots of the game and...
  3. Master Mo

    Mythologies in Gaming

    A few days ago I thought to myself how amazing it is that there are so many games that are so rich in design and world, that they even could be considered to have an own unique mythology. So I wanted to see what you guys think is the best mythology in gaming. But it has to be a (nearly)...
  4. Master Mo

    Papercraft of the Basilica of Saint Peter (Vatican)

    My first thread in a very very long time Here
  5. Master Mo

    PS1/2 PS2 with Chip

    I got a little Problem. I have a PS2 with a Matrix Infinity chip. When I turn the PS2 on it automatically boots the chip menu. Now my problem is, that my memorycard is full and I need to erase some saves to make space but I have no idea how to get into the original menu, because the chip-menu...
  6. Master Mo

    Hacking Where can I buy CycloDS?

    Can someone point me to a shop where I can buy a CycloDS... I already looked for it at winsunx and
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