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    Homebrew Dumping Wii disc games on Wii U?

    I have a few Wii games on discs that I'd like to dump and install using Nintendon't (or Wii VC injects) in order to be able to use the gamepad/Pro Controller instead of Wiimote controls. My DVD drive on my desktop won't read the discs, which from what I've read is because of special formatting...
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    Gaming Content Manager Assistant Won't Install

    So I'm looking to try following the Vita hacking guide, and the first step is installing Content Manager. Problem is, CMA won't install. It tells me it needs to download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2008, then throws an error when I let it try. I've tried installing every version of VC++...
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    Gaming Dragon Quest 8 "DLC" Items

    I'm looking to play through DQ8 for 3DS, and I read about the "DLC" that Squenix offered back when you first bought the game. Unfortunately, I missed out on all but the Candy Cane weapon. Since I already beat the game on PS2, I'd like some of the high-powered weapons offered to allow me to...
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    Gaming Extracting cia from installed software

    I'm looking for a way to extract a cia file from my installed games. I have a new 3DS with b9s and luma installed. Am I just missing an option in GodMode or FBI? I feel like this is something I accidentally found in Hourglass9 at some point and forgot about.
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    Gaming Secret of Mana PS4 Link Compatibility Questions

    Is the PS4 version of Secret of Mana compatible with the PS4 Link feature on PS Vita? If so, can other people be playing on actual PS4 controllers while the Vita is linked to the system? I want to get the Secret of Mana remake to play with my nephew, and the answer to these questions will...
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    Hacking Entry point for homebrew problems

    I'm trying to install a9lh on a friend's n3DS, and I'm having trouble getting homebrew entry points to work. The 3DS I'm trying to hack is on 11.0 (USA region), and I have access to both an old 3DS (probably 11.1 or 11.2 USA) and a new 3DS (11.4 USA) with a9lh and Luma already installed. The...
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    Tutorial [Tutorial] A9LH Users: Recover From Formatted/Deleted SD Card

    With the way arm9loaderhax works right now, a formatted, dead, or otherwise deleted SD/microSD prevents you from booting the 3DS at all. Does that mean you have a brick? Not in the least! It is quite possible, even easy, to recover the ability to boot your 3DS, as long as you have a functioning...
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    Gaming Mii Plaza puzzles missing

    While I was preparing to DSiWare Downgrade my New 3DS, I was uninstalling most of the software on my o3DS. I accidentally uninstalled the ExtData for Mii Plaza, and the extra puzzles disappeared. Even after reinstalling (and uninstalling and reinstalling) the updates for Mii Plaza, the puzzles...
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    Gaming Dragon Quest IV Party Chat Translation?

    I remember, a bunch of years ago, back when my DS flashcart still worked, there were a few projects aiming to translate the DQ4 party chat, which was sadly left out of the US version of the game. Did any of them ever finish? Did anyone ever just say "screw it" and insert the party chat from the...
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    Hacking Unbrick R4 SDHC 3DS?

    A few years ago I bought an R4 SDHC for 3DS at a convention, then rather foolishly proceeded to brick it. Now that I have a 3DS capable of launching homebrew, I was wondering if there was a way to undo that. I don't currently have another working DS or 3DS flashcart to use, so ideally the...
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    Hacking Supercard DSTWO not recognized by system

    A while back, I bought a DSTWO and it worked fine for a couple of months. Now, neither my DS Lite nor my o3DS recognize the DSTWO. Neither system even reports a game in the cart slot. Now that I have A9LH on my 3DS and I can carry my entire library of physical 3DS carts around with me at all...
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    Hacking Theme gone missing

    While I was installing A9LH on my 3DS, I performed a system format, because it supposedly decreases the chance of a brick. I had the Persona Q theme on my 3DS, and afterwards the system doesn't recognize it, but the Theme Shop tells me it's on the system. I backed up and restored the contents of...
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    Hacking A few questions before installing hax

    I have an original Ambassador 3DS currently on 10.4 OFW, and I wanted to ask a couple of questions, which will determine when I hack my current 3DS. I'll be getting a New 3DS a few months from now, and I want to know if I can either have multiple 3DS systems connected to the same NNID, or if I...
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    Hacking R4i Card Not Recognized

    I recently bought an R4i SDHC RTS Lite, and when I got it, I tried booting it up in my old DS Lite. At first, using the kernel off of (although I think I was using the wrong one :shy:) , it showed up as a Spongebob game, then booted into the menu and froze. Then I tried using one...
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    Games Involving Time Travel

    I've been thinking about games involving time travel recently, and I became curious as to how many video games have explored the concept, how deeply, and what "type" of time travel is used. If you mention a game, please include what "type" of time travel is used in the game, if applicable, and...
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    ROM Hack Translation Index Thread

    THIS IS NOT A REQUEST THREAD. There is a thread right here where you can request translations for your game of choice. If you do not have a translation project, please do not post in this thread. There are other threads for requesting translations, and if a translation project does not...
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