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  1. BeniBel

    Switch no screen

    Few days ago, my switch was giving errors that the SD card was removed. I tried a few SD cards, but the error kept popping up and even got worse. I figured that the SD card reader was broken. I ordered one online, and it came in today. Opened the switch, pulled out the old sd card reader and...
  2. BeniBel

    Hacking EZ Flash JR - stuck at OSINIT

    Just received my EZ Flash junior, but can't get it to work. Everytime I boot it, it get's stuck at "OSINIT" I tried on multiple devices: - Gameboy Color - 1 x 010 GBA SP - 2 x 001 GBA SP - 1 x Original GBA - 1 Fat Game Boy classic I also tried multiple SD cards, and different layouts. Current...
  3. BeniBel


    -No begging. Period.-
  4. BeniBel

    GCN PSO exploit help

    I just re-discoverd the good old gamecube, and now trying to load the PSO exploit. I still have the PSO game and the network adapter, since I used to boot all my backups with the PSO exploit years ago. But now, I'm having troubles connecting the gamecube to my pc. Everytime I boot...
  5. BeniBel

    N64 Boot Emulators

    Hello, I bought a broken Dr V64 (256mb) unit years ago, and only now had the time to fix it. Most games work perfect, but I do have a little problem. It is my understanding in order to boot a game, you have to insert a game above with the same 'CIC' as the one you want to boot. I also found...
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