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  1. shideneyu

    Hardware Gamecube controller compatibility with Wii U

    Hi. As I understood, the only way to play to the Wii U with genuine gamecube controllers is to play Smash Bros U. But what for the other games ? We can use Nintendon't to play GC games with Gamecube controller. And what for VWii ? Does CIOS recognises the Gamecube controllers ? In any case...
  2. shideneyu

    Hacking Parental Control h4cked

    Hellow'! I found an interresting news on a french news website. Swizzy releaded this morning a graphical gui providing the ability to bypass the 3DS parental control, thanks to some code released 6 months ago by.. neimod. The tool can be found here. Sources...
  3. shideneyu

    Hacking Replace TouchPod by an homebrew

    Hello I would like to know if i can replace the TouchPod by an homebrew when there is the menu which indicates us what to choose? Sorry, i can't explain better; i want that if i touch the second option in the choose menu (look the image), i boot an homebrew... I know i can boot by Sakura, but i...
  4. shideneyu

    Hacking M3i Zero autoboot slot 1

    Hello ! I have noticed that when we boot the M3i Zero/Real, the linker wait two seconds to see if we push A or Select. When we push A, it boots the Slot 1 when we push select, it boots the second slot. However, i would like to make my M3i Zero an autoboot for slot 1 because i don't like either...
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