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    Hacked My Vita in 2020...should I update anything ?

    I did do a quick thing and they are saying to upgrade to 3.74.... should I ?
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    Hacked My Vita in 2020...should I update anything ?

    Hey all, Sorry if this has been asked before and it's been a while so I could use a refresher. I hacked my OLED Vita back in 5/2020(I made a note for myself back then), I forget what I did then and now I started playing with it again. I was looking for a portable emulation device (and some...
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    Hacking Official Xbox One Retroarch Thread

    This works great, I just hate the fact that I have back it up and re-download every 2 or so weeks... On your console..
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    Dbrand no longer selling PS5 faceplates after Sony threatens legal action

    Did they have the PS logo on the top like the PS5 has ? If they are using the PS logo, they can force them to stop, that would be copyrighted logo and they can sue. If they are just flat with no holes (or a 3rd party logo in place of the PS logo), then let Sony try to sue... They would not have...
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    Hardware A banned ps5 :(

    It's where I would go with it. If you paid online, with PayPal, open a case with them. Or how ever you paid. unless you paid cash. If you paid with credit card, contact the bank of the card. If you paid with PayPal, open a case with them. Both will investigate, you might need to ship it back...
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    Sony releases new PS5 revision with smaller heatsink

    Still trying to find one... new or old... and NOT from a Scalper...
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    GCN POLL: Have you hacked your gamecube

    Same here with the XenoGC + SD2SP2. I did 2 of them, My silver one (my first GameCube) had problems reading burned discs but, after adjusting the voltage on the laser(pots), it's working fine(many YouTube videos on this). After seeing the orange GameCube, I needed to have one. I did the region...
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    Hardware Is the Series X/S at all exploitable

    Right, with the value of GamePass, most people don't even see a reason to hack it. There is RetroArch retail hack... it works good.. As far as hacks go, that is it...
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    Hardware Xbox Series X HDMI port broken

    Every series S or X should still be under warranty, if you have not opened it. I would call Microsoft and see if you can it repaired under warranty. If you have opened it, then your kind of SOL but, if you have really good soldering skills you could fix it... This guy on YouTube repairs...
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    Days Gone director says buy games at full price, otherwise don't complain if they never get sequels

    How about a game that does not require a 1 to 20gb update on day one ? It's amazing how many NEW games need HUGE updates on day one. Just think of how Nintendo this this on cart systems. Never had one of those where it was a game killer bug on a Nintendo or Sega, or NEC, or Neo-Geo, I could go...
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    Hacking is there a hack xbox one to install crack games? 2021

    Don't get your hopes up... Not going happen...
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    Hacking Retail Retroarch is back!

    For anyone who wants to know how to by pass the 16gb limit. You can run PS2, Wii, GameCube, etc games off USB now, this was the big reason why the 16gb limit was a big issue... You do need a special version. The roms MUST be under 4.1gb (Will games need to be compressed, and same with some...
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Just to ask... So, If enter RCM, I am am using a CFW. If I remove my flash card with my CFW on it and use a different flash card for the OS. How is possible they can tell/know that I am using a CFW ? What I am asking here is, if I create a NEW flash drive with the games own and swap, I can...
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Did you update your switch ? A lot of newer games reqire a updated OS, I had the same issue with Mario 3-D land and fury.... I was on 9.1 and I updated to the newest version to make sure I can play it.
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    Hacking Retail Retroarch is back!

    Any update in 16gb limit ? Would love to allocate 100gb for it... this would give plenty of space.
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    NS-USBloader - another one Tinfoil and GoldLeaf USB installer | - The Independent Video Game Community Sorry I had it wrong... It's what I used. As I can't get Tinfoil to work. I used to use Tinfoil and NUT to it worked....sigh.. It's a java app (can be flakey at times) but, it did...
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Yea, downloads are down on Tinfoil. The app will not even load for me. People have said it runs but they can't get content from it. I am just trying to get the app to actually run on my updated switch.
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    IS there anything I can do to get Tinfoil working ? I even installed Awoo Installer and it gave me all the newest Sig patches. Before Tinfoil would not even install, Now it installs, shows it's icon but, when you run it , it gives the error of Unable to start software. Return to HOME menu...
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Anyone got some solder points ? I do have a few reed switches, might we worth doing/trying. I don't want to damage my joycon... When you run the java app... open the folder with your games, select Tinfoil mode, and it will ask the IP of your switch, type it in and it will list the games...
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