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  1. Buleste

    Hacking Problems playing backups on my Wii.

    I've used the latest version of ModMii and system checker to get my Wii to play backups off a harddrive. I've tried USB Loader GX, Cfg USB Loader and WiiFlow to load backups on a 2 different harddrives. Cfg USB Loader cannot find the Harddrive USB Loader GX freezes when checking the Harddrive...
  2. Buleste

    Anyone fancy a swim?

    Source I feel sorry for the woman who lost her life as well as her family but eeeeeeeewwwwww.
  3. Buleste

    Homebrew MAME4All SCDS2 bug.

    I've found a strange bug in MAME4All on the SCDS2. Whenever I try to load either New Zealand Story 1 or 2 (,, MAME4All ends up loading a different game ( I know it's nothing wrong with the ROMset I have as I have tried the exact same ROMset in Dingux...
  4. Buleste

    Homebrew ScummVMDS and Simon The Sorcerer 1/2 speech.

    Can anyone help me. I have copies (not originals) of Simon the Sorcerer 1 and 2 and I want to play them on ScummVM DS. However the speech isn't working. I know that you have to convert the .fla files to .wav and the wav must be 4bit mono (or at least it does for The Secret Of Monkey Island)...
  5. Buleste

    Homebrew SCUMMVMDS 1.3.0?

    I've just been on the SCUMMVM website and noticed that a new version 1.3.0 has been released. Checked the release notes and found this But there is no download for the DS version available yet. Anyone know if there is going to be a 1.3.0 release and if so when?
  6. Buleste

    Hacking iSmart Plugin Pack

    I recently bought a iSmartMM (as a SCDS2 owner I feel that if I'm going to criticise the iSmartMM I should at least either try one or buy one) and was disappointed to see how little support there is for the iSmart MM on the official forums especially when it comes to skins and plugin files...
  7. Buleste

    Hacking iSmart MM Linux problem

    O.K. Just got my iSmartMM today and I'm trying to set up the Linux plugin. I've managed to get a copy of Dingux Z4 (from a Chinese site a 3part RAR (NIS threw a suspicious activity alert to one of the files when I tried to extract them so I turned NIS off)) and I've downloaded version 1.1 and...
  8. Buleste

    Homebrew DS Star Chart

    I was wondering if anyone has managed to get DS Star Chart fully working yet on their card. I'm using a SCDS2 with EOS 1.11 and after a few fails I found that you can actually get to the main menu if you place the DSSTARCHART.nds and the DSSTARCHART folder into the root of your SD card but...
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