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    Hacked My Vita in 2020...should I update anything ?

    Hey all, Sorry if this has been asked before and it's been a while so I could use a refresher. I hacked my OLED Vita back in 5/2020(I made a note for myself back then), I forget what I did then and now I started playing with it again. I was looking for a portable emulation device (and some...
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    Hacking Interesting... 7.55 down to 6.72 ?

    Hey all, Take this all with a grain of salt but, I figured the interest was here if people wanted to discuss it, or if they have not seen this before. People in the know say this is for real. It does not look like an EASY process. From...
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    PS1/2 PlayStation 2 - CSYNC mod for a phat... anyone do it ?

    Hey all, I am going to be using SCART for retro consoles (yes, PS2 is on the retro list), to get access to the wonderful RGB that I can put through my Framemeister. The PS2 supports Sync on Green, I have been making sure my consoles are setup for CSYNC. Sync on green can cause issues in a...
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    GCN Looking for a GCVideo Lite 0.9...anyone know where I can get one ?

    Hey all, I'm in the market for a GCVideo Lite 0.9. I have been looking for a while. I know BadAssConsoles has a GCvideo Analog that will do what I need but, for months they have been sold out, and I have heard that they are not a great company to deal with. Poor follow up and questionable if...
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    Hacking Did I brick ? Help !

    Hey all, Please help if you can. I have a older 3DS XL (3 button below lower screen), it was on 11.3.0-36u. So, figured follow to give it a CFW, I am going along fine then I get to the "Section II - Launching SafeB9SInstaller" and down to "Launch safehax from the list of homebrew"...
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