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    Nintendo 3DS live Event.

    They probably don't want to piss people off with $1 = 1Eur price "conversion". C'mon, "the retailers set the price themselves", what a weak excuse. Ever heard of MSRP Nintendo?
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    Android requires at least an ARM11 processor (DS/DSi has a ARM9+ARM7, so not enough) and 128MB of RAM. So no go.
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    Hacking GBAExploader freezes? A possible fix

    Ok, so i have a combo of EZ 3-in-1 Expansion pack and a R4. I was using rudolfs old 3-in-1 expansion tool, it worked admirably well, no problems. Then Exploader started beeing worked on, the 3-in-1 tool beeing abandoned. I tried Exploader and it didn't work. I thought back then that this is...
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    Gaming Windows 7

    I'm a long-time Mac user, and i despise both XP and Vista (for different reasons - XP is so outdated compared to OS X, and Vista.. it's just Vista) but i bit the bullet and installed W7 on vmWare. Wow. An hour later it was running via boot camp (where my Gentoo usually runs), and damn. It's...
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    DS #2949: Chrono Trigger DS (Japan)

    A little offtopic : Tried YSMenu, it finally worked for me (YSMenu, not Chrono). Not only do i have to have windows (which i dont), i need to manually assemble it (yes, even YSauto is manual), and it looks like crap, and loads SLOW. I REALLY need to get an Acekard - the UI looks really pretty...
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    DS #2949: Chrono Trigger DS (Japan)

    I wonder if the r4 team will release a kernel update for this. They usually did that, but then 90% of ppl here bitch that the R4 is dead and so on...
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    DS #2949: Chrono Trigger DS (Japan)

    Has anyone tried running this with YsMenu on the R4? It probably wont do much, but maybe...
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    DS #2949: Chrono Trigger DS (Japan)

    R4DS (original) with 1.18 kernel. Posts merged I wish i had a Acekard 2, then i maybe would be able to come up with something :/
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    DS #2949: Chrono Trigger DS (Japan)

    It's impossible to progress both at the warp scene and after frog joins your party. A lot of piracy checks are in place :/
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    Hacking EFA LINKER II 1Gb on Mac OS X

    Use Parallels/vmWare/Virtual Box and install windows on that.
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    Gaming Graphical Improvments on DSi

    Here's a little bit of techincal-minded speculation: They got rid of the GBA Port, but i believe that address space is now beeing used for a bunch of stuff. Since all of the I/O on the DS is connected to the ARM7, i believe the now "free" connectors are beeing used for the 2 cameras, and for...
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    Hacking How hard would it to be to make an iso patcher for macs?

    Quit whining. Not only you can run Windows natively (Boot Camp is just a pretty name for a Driver CD), you can run it in a VM (vmWare/Parallels/VirtualBox, pick your poison). Or you can do the smart thing - buy (or something) Crossover Mac (or Crossover Games) which is just wine packaged in a...
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    r4 rocks!

    WTF? Why is everyone pronouncing the r4 dead. IT FUCKING WORKS. Does ALL the advertised functions. The only flashcard that's dead is the DS-X, because it can't play the new roms. Go back to your caves trolls.
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    Hacking +R vs -R

    TDK +R, or Mitsubishi Kagaku branded Verbatim +R, on 4x. Notice your burner makes a hell of a lot difference. Lite-ON and LG are shit, use a Pioneer or a Plextor Burner for best results.
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    Hardware The best ISO burner?

    IMGBurn under windows, k3b under linux, Disk Utility on OSX (no need for useless stuff like toast, DU gets the job done).
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    Hacking DSlite homebrew and wifi issues

    Change your wireless channel. I remember back when then wifilib didn't support all of the channels (and i used high channels, like 3 and 5 because they were less populated in my area). Try channels 11 or 7, and all should work fine. I also use a WRT54GL, but with tomato
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    What religion are you?

    Where is the raptor jesus option ?
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    Gaming FF4 is Ugly - Thank God Square isn't Revamping Chrono!

    Sooo... 4chan is still down i see?
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    Wii #0716 - Alone in the Dark (Europe)

    Also, this is the first game on the wii that doesn't support 480p. I had to hook it up to my TV since my VGAbox doesn't support interlaced. Too bad this turned out to be a shitty game
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    Hacking Original VC games vs Dumped VC games

    Yes, SMB3 ALWAYS had that garbage. If you still refuse to believe this run an experiment : connect your NES to a LCD/Plasma TV (even with composite cables), and lo behold are the lines! When you played this on a CRT TV those werent visible because CRT tubes dont show all of the screen. Just like...
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