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  1. Pook and Pie

    Homebrew Installed Menuhax on N3DSXL 11.0, now my theme music plays incorrectly?

    I Googled and Googled, but could only find threads speaking about CHMM2 and custom themes. After I installed Menuhax on my N3DS, my themes play the wrong music if I press the home button while a game is running, sometimes. These aren't custom themes- they're purchased/redeemed ones like the...
  2. Pook and Pie

    Hacking Tubehax question- Still able to access the eshop and YouTube?

    I set as the primary DNS for my Wii U, but I read from some posts that I shouldn't be able to access YouTube or the eshop, but I'm still able to do both. I'm disabling my wifi setting for right now, but could someone tell me the step I missed so that my Wii U won't randomly...
  3. Pook and Pie

    Homebrew Ironhax no longer working, but I didn't update?

    My menu version is still, which is the one from the last time I updated (December, I think?). However, when I tried to start up the Homebrew Launcher today to do a quick bit of save editing, Ironhax was hanging on the, "The ropbin menu is ready" screen and then it kicks back to the...
  4. Pook and Pie

    Gaming Current Wii U Firmware Version?

    Just wondering what the current version is. My Wii U accidentally updated months ago to 5.5 (at a hotel, nonetheless) and I deleted the connections and have had it unplugged ever since. I heard updates came out for a couple games I own (Smash Bros, Mario Maker, etc), and I was wondering if it's...
  5. Pook and Pie

    Gaming So, what all can we do with IronHax 2.5?

    My 3DS was updated to the latest version by my wife when she grabbed it to play Ocarina of Time the other day, but I still have the non-updated 1.0 of Ironfall and Cubic Ninja, so I can re-do a lot of things, if necessary. I've been trying to find out exactly what updating to the latest version...
  6. Pook and Pie

    Hardware Wii U Hard Drive no longer recognized fix?

    I tried downloading a game last night but I started getting some errors when downloading (my USB hub that's connected is touchy sometimes). Turned the console off and back on and then it finished the download, played the game for a bit and then went to bed. Turned the console on today and...
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