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  1. jonyluke

    ROM Hack new games need internet to start

    I have installed the Dragon Quest demo with Goldleaf, but it doesn't start without internet access, which I can't do because I'm banned, then try terraria and the same thing happens.
  2. jonyluke

    Hardware Synchronize joycon without pressing sr

    I want to synchronize the joycon to be able to play two people, the problem is that one of the joycons does not work the sr button, and therefore I can not synchronize it, is there any other way?
  3. jonyluke

    Hacking Undertale save

    I am trying to do an app for converting undertale pc save to console, i managed to do it with nintendo switch, i would like to do it for ps4, but i dont have one, could you please give me a ps4 save file of undertale?
  4. jonyluke

    Hacking Question Youtube mod nsp

    Regarding the app they did so that banned users can use YouTube, I was wondering how they did it, probably editing the nsp files, if so, with what tools can you do that, and if there is any document or something similar explaining how they achieved it?
  5. jonyluke

    Hacking Undertale save

    I am trying to do an app for converting undertale pc save to console, i managed to do it with nintendo switch, i would like to do it with ps vita, but i dont have one, could you please give me a ps vita save file of undertale?
  6. jonyluke

    ROM Hack Youtube on banned nintendo switch

    It seems they have already achieved it:D
  7. jonyluke

    ROM Hack Question Pokémon Let's go dump

    A while ago, SciresM said it would not be possible to get the pokemon game before its official launch, but this has not been the case, what has happened?
  8. jonyluke

    Homebrew Extract .h3 and .app files

    I am trying to add songs to Just dance, but the game files are in h3 and in app, so i don't know how to unpack the files
  9. jonyluke

    Emulation Dump games with Cemu

    It is possible to dump the files of the cd game with cemu? Or is there other option for doing that without the console? In an original Wii U you can do that with a homebrew app.
  10. jonyluke

    Homebrew RELEASE IR Camera

    There is a project in switchbrew with software examples, one of them is irsensor, a Joy-con IR-sensor example that displays the image from the IR camera. The Joy-con must be detached from the system. I attached the nro in case you want to try it.
  11. jonyluke

    Homebrew Is it Holu still working?

    I am banned so i can't see if it is still available
  12. jonyluke

    ROM Hack WIP [TUTORIAL] Just Dance add custom songs

    This tutorial should work for all versions of Just dance in Nintendo Switch, following this steps you will be available of changing a song you don't like or the alt version of the song with another one, or editing a existing song. First you need to unpack the nsp/xci of the game and then the...
  13. jonyluke

    ROM Hack Discussion Just dance unlimited

    Just dance 2019 offers a test month to just dance unlimited, would it be possible in some way to get this version forever? And other thing, could it be posibble to not need internet access to use it, for banned people?
  14. jonyluke

    Hacking Discussion Stagefright exploit

    According to the Nintendo Switch system software's licensing information, code from FreeBSD kernel is utilized by Horizon. Horizon utilizes several components from Android such as the Stagefright multimedia framework. According to the Citra authors, “Nintendo re-purposed the Android graphics...
  15. jonyluke

    Homebrew Discussion Read txt problem

    I am working in a project,but i am having problems reading a txt file dir = opendir(""); FILE *f = fopen("attach.txt", "r"); char att[30]; char natt[30]; fgets(att, sizeof(att), f); fgets(natt, sizeof(natt), f); fclose(f); playMp3(att); playMp3(natt); It does not sound, however when i put...
  16. jonyluke

    Homebrew WIP SlideNX | Change JoyCon attach/detach sound

    SlideNX New release 0.17 Added play random sounds option Thanks for 24 stars in github:switch::D A work in progress module to change JoyCon attach/detach sound. At the moment i was not able to mute default nintendo sound Download the latest release and extract it to the root folder of your...
  17. jonyluke

    Homebrew Discussion Switch-lan-play server list.

    Here is a compilation of ips for playing with switch-lan-play Discord server: You can also add your own servers here.
  18. jonyluke

    Homebrew Question How to compile to .kip

    I have used the Makefile of the xor: play project as an example, I have seen that it is also necessary to create a json, but I am not sure what to add, I put the same as the one of xor: play but it does not boot with hekate. Makefile...
  19. jonyluke

    Homebrew Question How to install SDL2?

    Im using devkitpro , i have install dkp-libs switch-sdl2 dkp-libs switch-sdl2_gfx dkp-libs switch-sdl2_image dkp-libs switch-sdl2_mixer dkp-libs switch-sdl2_net dkp-libs switch-sdl2_ttf I have in my C file #include <SDL2/SDL.h> #include <SDL2/SDL_mixer.h> But when executing the...
  20. jonyluke

    Homebrew Question JoyCon Attach syntax

    Im using devkitpro, i know there is syntax like KEY_DUP, but i was wondering if there is an option for when you attach the joycon.
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