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  1. TsumugiShirogane

    My friend's O2DS turns on and plays home menu music, but the screens will not turn on

    Title explains it. She told me that the console is around 6 years old, and has been sitting in her closet for a lot of said time. The light turns on, it holds a charge, but both screens won't turn on. Any help?
  2. TsumugiShirogane

    Generic error message when opening camera (N2DS with cfw)

    When i open the camera with the home screen (l + r) it tells me an error has occured and to turn off the system. The actual camera app gives a luma style error, that says error code 0xf9605002. Any other apps with the camera work as intended, so its software and not hardware thats a problem here.
  3. TsumugiShirogane

    Is it possible? (N2DS with cfw)

    So i wanted a recording tool for my 2DS, but i dont want to have to use a computer or anything external. Just the system itself here, and i dont want to stream footage. Is there something out there that will record footage and then save it to the camera app to view?
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