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  1. SpaceJump

    Gaming Bloodstained ROTN suddenly asks for Internet connection

    I'm on Atmosphere 0.13, Switch FW 10.1 and Bloodstained on 1.17. All of a sudden the game asks for an Internet connection before starting. I'm running an EmuNand that has never been connected to the Internet at all. Anyone had this too and knows how to fix this? EDIT: Somehow my account got...
  2. SpaceJump

    Hacking Question SX EmuNand with Atmosphere without Kosmos

    Till now I was booting my EmuNand (hidden partition created with SX OS) with Kosmos with a folder emummc and emummc.ini in it containing this: [emummc] enabled = 1 sector = 0x2 nintendo_path = Emutendo Now I want to use vanilla Atmosphere with fusee primary. Is there anything else I have to do...
  3. SpaceJump

    Gaming Update NSPs - Are all necessary?

    Let's say I have a base NSP game and two updates, v1.1 and v1.2. Do I have to install both updates or is the v1.2 installation suffucient? I'm asking because I have lots of update NSPs with version in between. It would be nice to be able to delete these in order to save space.
  4. SpaceJump

    Hacking Question Booting Hekate directly with SX Dongle

    I'm trying to directly boot into Hekate using the SX Dongle, but none of the methods I tried work. Here's what I tried: Using the SX Gear boot.dat to chainload the Hekate payload renamed to payload.bin Using to convert the Hekate payload into a boot.dat...
  5. SpaceJump

    Hacking Question Anyone ever banned for having CFW files on MicroSD?

    I have this setup: EmuNand CFW completely offline Clean SysNand OFW online, not banned yet What I do when going online with SysNand is to remove the MicroSD before doing so. My question is, is that even necessary? Was anyone ever banned for having CFW files on MicroSD while NOT being in CFW on...
  6. SpaceJump

    Hardware Have a banned Switch, want to buy a new Switch

    I have a banned Switch with my Nintendo Account on it. If I buy a new Switch, will I be able to login with my account from the banned Switch to the new Switch and download my legally bought games from the eShop?
  7. SpaceJump

    Hacking Question SX OS EmuNand creation options

    Can someone explain the different options in the EmuNand creation process? These are the options: Copy USER partition to EmuNand: What is this? Is it recommended that this is enabled? EmuNand sizes: From 5GB up to 25GB: How come different sizes are available? What size is recommended? Any...
  8. SpaceJump

    Hacking Splitted XCIs on SX OS?

    As far as I know splitted XCIs files for XCIs bgger than 4GB are supposed to work on SX OS. But I cannot get any to work. They show up on the SX Rom Menu, but crash on mounting. I used XCI Cutter for splitting them.
  9. SpaceJump

    Hardware Games on mSD bought from eShop constantly disappearing

    Lately games' data downloaded to micro sd that I bought from eShop disappear. The cloud icon is shown for these games and I have to redownload them. This happened two times in the past week. The micro sd seems to be working fine though. SX OS games and homebrew work fine. On PC it looks ok too...
  10. SpaceJump

    Hacking Question Using SX dongle that activated OS on a different Switch possible?

    I have a Switch here with an already activated SX OS, no dongle. If I buy an SX Pro bundle, can I activate the OS on another Switch with the dongle (which includes a license as far as I understand) and then use the dongle on the first Switch?
  11. SpaceJump

    Hacking Question Are modded Joycons charged when attached?

    I know that Joycons are not recognized as directly attached to the Switch anymore, if pins 9 and 10 are connected. But what about charging? Are the modded Joycons still charging while attached?
  12. SpaceJump

    Hacking Not avoiding the 5.5.2?

    I keep reading about avoiding the 5.5.2 update with DNS-Settings. As far as I understand only the browser entry point is fixed. That brings me to these two questions: Is it safe to update if I have the Homebrew Launcher Channel (transformed DS game) installed? No autoboot stuff, no RedNand...
  13. SpaceJump

    Hacking Best tool to backup/restore Nand backups?

    I always used to backup my sysNand and emuNand with EmuNand9, but that doesn't work anymore on boot9strap 1.2. So what do you think is the currently best tool to backup/restore Nand backups, that works with boot9strap 1.2?
  14. SpaceJump

    Hacking boot9strap update from A9LH guide - What is "Section IV - CTRNAND Luma3DS" for?

    I plan on updating my N3DS from A9LH to boot9strap following this guide: I read it completely, but I don't understand what the "Section IV - CTRNAND Luma3DS" is for? My N3DS is setup with sysNand on 9.0 and emuNand on 11.4.
  15. SpaceJump

    Hardware Charging the Switch & Dock with my Smartphone charger?

    I have a USB-C charger that came with my smartphone. These are its specs: Input: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz, 0.5A Output: 5V==2A For comparison, these are the specs of the Switch's charger: Input: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz, 1A Output: 5V==1.5A / 15V==2.6A Is it safe to charge the Switch and the Dock using...
  16. SpaceJump

    Controller support with Moonlight not working for some games

    I'm using the Moonlight Android app on my GPD device, which works pretty good. That is if the controller is recognized by the game. The games are all launched through Steam, but only around half of them recognize the controller, the others just don't. Any idea why this is and if anything can be...
  17. SpaceJump

    Hardware Recommend me a graphics card

    So my GTX 570 just died and I need a new GPU. Here are my PCs specs: - i5-2500K Quad Core @ 3,3 GHz - 12GB RAM What GPU would you recommend for this setup? Or should I go with the GTX 1060 and upgrade the CPU too, but the costs...
  18. SpaceJump

    Hardware DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION after GPU driver update

    I have a PC with i5 and a Geforce GTX 570 running Windows 10. All was running well until I installed Witcher 2 through Steam. On the first start the game installed some drivers (at least I think) and the game crashed. After that the PC always crashed after a few munites. I uninstalled the game...
  19. SpaceJump

    Hacking Can't get Rhythm Heaven Megamix to work

    I'm running A9LH + the latest Luma. I tried so many different ways to get this game to work and none worked: Downloaded with freeShop Downloaded with CIAngel Deleted the ticket with FBI and redownloaded with both Got the seed using FBI Installed with Title Manager using a Cryptofixed CIA All...
  20. SpaceJump

    Hacking Is playing online with Luma safe?

    I know this question might have been asked a million times, but I keep reading different opinions. So is it safe to play online (e.g. Mario Kart 7) with A9LH + Luma with CIA-installed games? Did any real bans happen when doing this?
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