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    Using different region games on Series X

    Hello to all! So I recently found out that you can install 360 games on your Series X/S using the Xbox app, regardless of whether it is digital-only or physical. A question popped in my mind, If you install an NTSC 360 game using the Xbox app,( all of them are NTSC I believe) and use a game disc...

    Using game discs on the digital version of a game.

    Hi everyone! Question, if I have downloaded a game from game pass, for example Halo: Infinite, if I get the game disc and put in my Xbox, will I get the full ownership of the game? Or will it download the game again?

    PS5 or Xbox Series X?

    Hello everyone! So about a year ago I got my Series S and I've been enjoying it so much! I was thinking about an upgrade to the Xbox Series X, but then I also wanted to play some Playstation exclusives. Would it be a good idea to buy a PS5 alongside my Series S just to play Playstation exclusives?

    Burning 360 and original Xbox games

    Hello everyone! I had a question about burning Xbox games. will burned original Xbox games work on Xbox 360? Has anyone ever tried this? I did it once, I burned the game to a dual layer DVD and the 360 did read it how ever it was stuck on the white Xbox screen. Any solutions?

    Thoughts on Proto stealth server?

    Hey everyone. Has anyone ever used Proto stealth server? If you have, what were your experiences with it? I've heard that not many consoles have been banned using this stealth server but I still think its a risk considering it's free. What are your thoughts on this subject?

    Game saves on RGH console

    Hello everyone. I had a question regarding saved games on an RGH console. Can I transfer my saves from my RGH to a retail Xbox 360? Could I get banned for playing with those saves while connected to Xbox live? BTW, my saves are not modded.

    Error Code 8007065B with a stealth server

    Hello to all. I recently installed a stealth server on my RGH and it does connect to Xbox live but I can't download a profile and I keep getting the 8007065B error Code. Any solutions to this? Thanks.

    Unmodding an Xbox 360

    Hi everyone! Is there anyway to remove the RGH/JTAG hack from an Xbox 360? Would you be able to use it like a retail console after it's been unmodded? Like, connect to Xbox live,etc. Any help would be appreciated.

    Transferring games from Series S to X

    Hello everyone! I had a question, I currently own a Series S, and I was planning to get a Series X. If I do get the Series X, can I transfer the games on my Series S to the Series X using an external HDD? Are the games that are optimized for Series X different from Series S? The reason I'm...

    Disabling Cloud storage

    Hello to all. I have a question, whenever I turn off my RGH Xbox 360, it goes into standby for prolonged hours. I checked the settings and I saw that background downloads are enabled. And if I want to disable it, it will disable my cloud storage from my online profile that is no longer on my...

    JTAG or RGH on newer 360's ?

    Hello to all. I recently took my Xbox 360 E to mod it and the shop I took it to said that they will JTAG the console. I've heard that you can only RGH an Xbox 360 E and JTAG was for the older systems. Is this true?

    Transferring data from internal HDD to PC

    Hi everyone! I had a question about transferring data from my Xbox to my PC. Can I use a regular SATA to USB adapter to transfer my files and configure partitions on my 360's internal HDD? Thanks.

    Aurora dashboard

    Hi everyone! I had a question, I'm going to be installing Aurora as my default dashboard on my RGH and I have a few games installed on my internal HDD. If I want the games to show up, should I set the path to my contents folder?

    Playing installed games without disc

    Hello everyone! Is there any way to play installed games without inserting a disc on an rgh console?

    Using an Xbox live profile on an rgh console

    Hello everyone! I have an Xbox 360 E and wanted to rgh it. The profile that I use on it is the same profile that I use on my other Xbox consoles. Just one question, if I rgh my Xbox 360 console and never connect it to Xbox live, will my account be banned on my other consoles that are connected...
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