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  1. MionissNio

    Hardware Memory Card issues!

    I just got a new Kingston 64Gb memory card for my switch and it is driving me insane after all day waiting for my games to download I get error when starting them. I have reformatted the memory card but to no avail, only games below 1GB seem to work on it. Checking for corrupted data results in...
  2. MionissNio

    iPad pro vs Surface pro 2017 edition.

    Sigh, this again. I'm just a hobbyist learning artist, I got surface pro 4 core m model, I must say that is the best Microsoft has to offer, but I have had constant bugs, terrible support and it's touchscreen died. I really was about to opt for the iPad pro last time (2015) but the cost of...
  3. MionissNio

    Eight people dead in Mississippi Shooting

    Oh my god another terrorist, why does this keep happening I mean even with high security and stuff! May the victims soul rest in peace Amen! Source:
  4. MionissNio

    Hardware SSD worth it for old laptop?

    Hey just a quick question, i have an hp laptop with haswell i7Q 12GB ram model, I bought it in 2014 it runs great except hdd is bottlenecking it, but the thing is i have a beast of a gaming desktop and a surface pro 4 i5, both of which can easily fulfill my power and portability needs the...
  5. MionissNio

    Hardware Can some switch owner answer my Questions?

    So I'm like thinking of getting the switch but it's a heavy investment in my country (600 USD approx) do I have some questions about the system. Has anyone tried connecting external hard drive yet of so what happens? Does the switch work with other USB c to HDMI adaptors? Does anyone Android...
  6. MionissNio

    Hacking the mystery port.

    I have the vita 1000 I know it Was irrelevant but know because of all the home brew and hacking stuff going on, will we be finally able to utilize it? I always wondered what purpose did the port serve in the first place? Maybe it was a hidden display scaler who knows? Is there a possibility?
  7. MionissNio

    Hardware New 3ds motherboard change , turns off popping sound.

    Just got a sweet deal of a broken N3dsxl it was like 56 bucks so I bought it to fix my bricked N3ds Xl. I gave to to a electronics repair guy, he made it look like the original assembly but the 3ds makes popping sound while turning on whilst the broken 3ds did turn on, tho it had cracked screen...
  8. MionissNio

    Caption these Pokemon art academy drawings

    Heavily inspired by game grumps pokemon art academy series I decided to draw in art academy too! These are not artistically excellent images but are worth shits and giggles tho!
  9. MionissNio

    Hardware Driven nuts by windows 10 clean install!

    I had this Critical_Process_Died BSOD whenever when I was playing games. Afterwards my system files got deleted like Windows defender and edge. I thought it must've been a virus so I clean installed. After 3 clean installs the critical Process died bsod just randomly appears without even gaming...
  10. MionissNio

    Gaming Good time to purchase a new N3ds?

    I just bricked my N3ds but let's not get into that. I am currently using an o3ds xl and having fun with it, but considering that the 'scene' is at its possibly best and probably some exclusives might end up on the system so should I shell in for a purchase or not? I have experienced the console...
  11. MionissNio

    Happy new year from me!

    May you all have a good new year in your life and be happy and blessed by kernel exploits in 3ds, a special greeting to all those on GBA temp by me! Oh btw it is new year in my time zone (UTC +5). Share all your thoughts here!
  12. MionissNio

    Gaming IPad Pro astropad a good setup for learning digital graphic art?

    Hey guys, ever since apple announced iPad pro it became the first product of the company that appealed me. It seems it drawing features seem to surpass the Wacom intous it seems and can be used for other things such as games. As my interest is in art and I am currently learning I would like a...
  13. MionissNio

    Homebrew 3DS Download Play and HANS region spoofing.

    Hey there, I have one European 3DS and one American New 3DS the problem is I had like Mario Party Island Tour installed as a CIA on my 10.2 Rxtools on origibal 3ds and wanted to play multiplayer with my siblings/friends. Is there anyway for me to use Download Play with my American New 3DS? I am...
  14. MionissNio

    Hardware Stripped the screw on the back of the new 3ds xl

    I am screwed (No Puns intented) I was trying to unscrew the back of the new 3ds xl just bought yesterday. To install browserhax but know both the screws on the back were stripped even though I used the proper screw driver (Phillips 0) and now it won't even bulge. Any alternative method without...
  15. MionissNio

    Hacking R4i advance not working after firmware update

    i recently bought r4 advance link and after i updated the cards firmware for it to work on my 3ds 4.1.0 and after it succesfully updated but it now does'nt show up in the 3ds dsi xl dsi dsl and other i know it's bricked what can i do know extra,edit:i have followed...
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