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    Homebrew RELEASE systemshock - Shockolate

    it cashes on start and the systemshock icon as a ! inside maybe nro has to be recompiled? ps. I am using steam version that has different directory position, so I had to move some directories to have the same structure described on post n.1
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    Homebrew RELEASE systemshock - Shockolate

    hello, thanks for this port. this is a game that I have always had in my heart. With the v0.8.2-r5 version can I play at decent fps and finish the game? Thanks
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    Homebrew Discussion Post homebrew ideas, suggestions, requests here

    I'd like to play Syndicate/2/Wars on Switch Thanks
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    Homebrew Question Shockolate - System Shock

    omg I loved sshock 1 and 2 :wub: I think still is not ported to the switch
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    Hardware Another switch battery problem :(

    Hello, i have the same problem. If I replace the battery with a new one, shoud I fix the problem? Thanks
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    Homebrew WIP QuakespasmNX - a better Quake port

    Lol I didn't see It was ported by fgsfds Unfortunately gzdoom on my switch Is slower than quake and crash every time after few minutes
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    Homebrew WIP QuakespasmNX - a better Quake port

    Oh my God... How hell it can run so well!! I hope in a 'better Doom port' too and in all quake engine based games! Thanks for your work
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    Homebrew WIP GZDoom for Switch

    Unfortunately it crash to me very often..with official hexen and heretic games (the only two I try)
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    Homebrew Discussion [POLL] FAT32 vs. exFAT | issue discussion

    I had exFat and 2-3 times I had card corruption (PSNES, etc) Now I have Fat32 and I vote for FAT32 - no issues yet Mabybe an answer should be added to the poll: 'I had exFat with issues and now I am on Fat32'
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    Homebrew Question PS4 remote player

    Hello, I know there are official and unofficial ps4 remote play app for android, iOS, Windows, etc etc In your opinion, someone is already working on it? In the next future, there Will be a chance to have an unofficial switch version? Thanks!
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    Homebrew WIP nxmtp: access your SD Card over USB without rebooting

    after several times I used nxmtp, yesterday I had my sd (exfat) card corrupted...I was copying a lot of files while it crash I had to format and reinstall atmosphere and games Unfortunately is the usual exfat issue..
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    Homebrew Discussion Post homebrew ideas, suggestions, requests here

    Any chance to have - Frontier: Elite II or - Pioneer Space Sim (opensource sdl) port to switch? Thanks!
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    Hacking Atmosphere-NX - Custom Firmware in development by SciresM

    Hello, sorry is its a question already done.. I have updated my 3.0.1 switch to 6.0.1 using ChoiDujourNX and I have enabled autorcm using RajNX/ChoiDujourNX and nogc patch enabled. Till now I am using RajNXv0751a in my Switch. My questions: 1 - I need to disable autorcm before update to...
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    Hacking Updating Joycons

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    Hacking Updating Joycons

    If you update joycon then you will be able to use joycon if you rollback to a previous firmware (if you can ofc)?
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    Homebrew RELEASE ChoiDujourNX - a system firmware installer homebrew for the Nintendo Switch

    Hello, this question was asked several times for sure...sorry...but I am unable to find an answer that I can understand (english is not my first language) I use daily a Switch 3.0.1 fw exFat with autoRCM. At the beginning... I made a clean nand 3.0.1 backup in FAT32 files (clean backup) Then I...
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