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    Gaming DVD Menu edit.

    Hi, Im using winavi to convert my .avi's to dvd and it works well. But i was wondering if there was a way to edit the menu because i dont like the blue one that much.
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    Hacking App for transfering files to SD WIFI

    Hi is there an application that will transfer files from the pc to the wii and place them onto the sd card using WIFI.
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    Hacking Netflix Problem

    When i try to use Netflix it says: You cannot watch netflix from this location. I live in Canada so is there anyway to make it work??
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    Ipod touch section on GBATEMP ??

    I was thinking, couldnt there be a section called Ipod touch, where all the ipod touch ppl can go and talk bout jailbreaks/releases. Its not a gaming console but itd still be pretty sweet
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