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  1. fvig2001

    Any way to get FSD 3 or Aurora to use 4:3 aspect ratio?

    Hi So I am setting up 1 Xbox 360 as some kind of OG Xbox and connecting it to a CRT TV. My problem is even though my Xbox 360 is set to 4:3, these 2 applications always use 16:9 aspect ratio. Adjusting the width can be done but height does not work. It can only make the height smaller. Is...
  2. fvig2001

    Hardware Does Wii U support TRIM of SSDs?

    So I was looking at moving my Wii U's external HDD to my 360 and using my unused SSD to my wii U. Does the Wii U support TRIM? It's needed to ensure longevity of the drive whenever the Wii U writes on it. I saw many threads on Reddit where people make internal SSD mods, but no information if...
  3. fvig2001

    Can I use a pre-built sneek from another Wii U?

    So I have a Japanese Wii U on the way and I have a US Wii U that has SNEEK setup. Can I use the built SNEEK from my US Wii U on my Japanese Wii with the Japanese vWii NAND dump
  4. fvig2001

    Getting a 360 for OG Xbox games worth it?

    I am setting up CRT based consoles to be used on a CRT. I wanted to get a modded Jasper 360 for OG Xbox games to be played on a CRT. I remember at least Buffy and Jet Set Radio Future worked. How is the compatibility with all the exclusive OG Xbox games? The OG Xbox is rare here. I already have...
  5. fvig2001

    Hacking Question Transferring Firmware files to another emunand possible?

    So I have a legit emunand and I was on Atmosphere 16.1. I updated my firmware through system settings on my emunand. When it finished, hekate 5.5.0 could no longer identify the kernel anymore. So I think atmosphere has a bug on that regard. If I have another emunand on the same switch and same...
  6. fvig2001

    Hacking Question Anyone able to boot into Horizon using Atmosphere 16.1 with a defective SD card slot?

    Hi. So one of my switches has a defective sd card slot due to a missing pin on the Switch's connector. I upgraded my normal switch and I was able to boot to Horizon without problems. I used the same card (fat32) on the switch with the defective slot and it hangs in blackscreen when sept is...
  7. fvig2001

    Tutorial Perform eMMC Upgrade on Switch with 1-bit width SD card (Defective SD card slot)

    The aim of this tutorial is for the user to be able to upgrade their eMMC to a higher storage with a defective SD card slot. I am also not responsible if you fuck up your already fucked up Switch. Who needs this? People with new 64-256gb eMMC modules with a defective SD card slot. The defect is...
  8. fvig2001

    Homebrew Is there a standardized way for translating stuff on the Switch?

    Hi I was thinking of translating a game, Finc Home Fit and was wondering if there are tools I can already use to translate things like the executable parts? I remember getting stuck on translating a Wii game because half of the text were in the executable files.
  9. fvig2001

    Android Is 2020 made AMOLED still bad in the long run?

    Hi So I kind of want to buy a Galaxy Tab S7+, which has the amoled. I will be drawing on it a lot and it's probably the biggest no-no on AMOLEDS. I will be having a static displayed screen with whites. This will usually lead to faster color degrade on traditional AMOLED. Is this still an issue...
  10. fvig2001

    Hardware Adding a new USB port to the Switch. Is it possible?

    Hi. So no one in my vicinity can fix the USB port of my switch. I brought it to a shop and they fixed the 2 power ICs but could not fix the USB port's data (too difficult for stores around here). The device is perma RCM mode through hekate. I've looked at the teensy hacks and saw they use the...
  11. fvig2001

    Misc Can't login anymore on Wii U after changing Nintendo password

    So I had to change my password due to the Nintendo account breach. My Wii U is forcing me to log in and the new password does not work (it works on Chrome). I tried disabling 2fa and it still does not work. Is there any way to fix this?
  12. fvig2001

    Hardware Broken USBC port, what parts worst case to get?

    So I replaced my backplate and it ended up making my usb c port act strange. My PC could detect it as a valid device 1/40 insertions. I was able to send a payload and boot. I inserted it into my dock. The dock kept blinking and then it stopped. Now my PC does not detect the Switch in anyway. The...
  13. fvig2001

    Hardware Replaced back panel and USB -C is broken. What caused it?

    Hi. So I swapped out my Switch's back panel with a 3rd party cover, which I've done twice before. When I put it back, I noticed my PC could not detect the Switch in RCM. At some point 1/50 insertions, it gets detected as connected. If I am able to boot it, docking mode/charging does not work...
  14. fvig2001

    ROM Hack Question Stardew Valley and SMAPI Content Patcher mods roadblock

    Hi So I've seen the mods and they're usually just xnb mods (pre-SMAPI mods). I was checking if there was a way to use content patcher mods and I think I've found a way but there's a problem. Basically: 1. Install SMAPI content patcher mods on PC version (theoretically should work on all non...
  15. fvig2001

    Hacking Request for anyone to upload the PSARC plugin for total commander

    Hi I wanted to fix a mod to work with a newer patch but it seems that the total commander psarc plugin is not available at the original website anymore. Can anyone upload a copy?
  16. fvig2001

    Hardware Triwing screwdriver size?

    Hi So I will be upgrading my Switch's eMMC and annoyingly the tri-wing screw driver that came with my dock replacement does not fit well enough. It barely feels that I could turn the screw with it even if I push really hard on it. Since I didn't want to strip the screw, I was wondering what mm...
  17. fvig2001

    Gaming What games must be installed in NAND?

    In my experience, Zumba needs to be installed to NAND. The game literally has like a 9GB file and it lags so badly (like the audio and video are out of sync by 15 seconds) sometimes when installed on my original 512gb SD card. On the NAND, it does not lag at all. Is there any other game that...
  18. fvig2001

    Homebrew Question Is there a tool that can show/measure read/write of SD card in Switch OS?

    Hi. So I was gifted an 512GB SD card from some unknown company, GigaStone. It passes hardware tests (hwtest2) but it has inconsistent read/write speeds depending on the SD card reader. I was getting write 48 MB/s on one and the other 2 have 15 MB/s for write. Is there a tool that can show the...
  19. fvig2001

    Hardware Is reaching 80 Degrees C in Slim normal?

    Hi So I bought a hacked slim off someone and I noticed that the console gets really hot. I checked Aurora and CPU is reported as 80 C on the Trinity board. I ran dashlaunch and it's currently set on auto. I set it to the middle and I was able to get it down to 60 C. Should I keep it off auto...
  20. fvig2001

    Hacking Tutorials on emunand on Wii U?

    Hi. I've been wanting to setup emunand on my Wii U and I was wondering what is the current best way. The "ultimate" wii U setup tutorial didn't even bother supporting it. I plan on installing a lot of DLCs that are larger than the vWii's nand. I prefer to put the nand on USB. Which of the...
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