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  1. T-possum

    Just a regular person sticking around

    the picture is raymond from animal crossing, or an icon to be exact it is what it is though, he just wearing glasses, and have that expression
  2. T-possum

    ROM Hack RELEASE BARcSharp - A tool to extract BWAV files from Switch .bars files

    i developed a tool to extract BWAV files from Switch .bars files, BARcSharp (remember, for AMTA v5 ONLY, particularly found in a game Animal Crossing New Horizons, not sure for any other). 100% written in C# , hence the rather weird tool name (if you find it so). The tool itself is inspired from...
  3. T-possum

    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp Recommends: Super Seducer 1 & 2

    super seducer game uuhhh...
  4. T-possum

    ROM Hack Animal Crossing New Horizons Item Spawning Tool

    is it just me thinking or it's also a tool to dupe something
  5. T-possum

    Sonic the Hedgehog movie sequel gets official title and release date

    so, nobody asked for the sequel i presume?
  6. T-possum

    New NieR Replicant trailer offers a look at its improved graphics and remastered soundtrack

    anyway, i wonder if nier is literally an adventure time game...
  7. T-possum

    Just a regular person sticking around

    yo, i'm just a regular person sticking around here for a while got a tool i'd like to share though, but i suppose i got a restriction for a while... well, i guess i just let it slide for now
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