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    Hacking Setting up a Flashcard

    how to make a flashcard run nds rom for 3DS r4 card as shown in the picture 3DS version 11.5
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    ROM Hack Install Boot9Strap and CFW Through NTRBoothax on Any Stock 3DS with just a flashcart

    Please anyone create a noob-friendly guide to install cfw in 11.5 or please give me the link to the easier guide or a video guide
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    ROM Hack Flashing ntrboot (3DS Single System) or (DSi) ?

    I have an old nintendo 3DS with stock 11.5 firmware, I want to install custom firmware to run Cia. will these links help me?
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    ROM Hack Is there any way to downgrade old nintendo 3DS runninig 11.5 stock firmware to 11.3?

    or how to install custom firmware on old nintendo 3ds running 11.5?
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