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    Hacking Please Help I think I bricked

    So I went and backed up my emuNAND CTRNAND and the injected it into my sysNAND. I was using bootctr9 to coldboot my sysNAND afterwards with the (updatedsysnand) flag for AuReiNAND. Everything seemed to work fine, so I went on my computer and formated the whole SD card (after backing everything...
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    Hacking RxTools on N3DS 9.5+

    Saw the post on reddit so I thought I would share it here as well :D Should release in a few hours:
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    Homebrew [Guide] How to install GBA cias (using reiNAND)

    I saw that someone posted a guide with some wrong information telling people to install the GBA games to the NAND (THIS IS WRONG) This little guide is assuming you already have FBI on your home menu for both your syNAND and emuNAND Here guys: Step 1. Download the specified patched AGB file for...
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    Homebrew Question about emulation on my N3DS

    So i got my system downgraded, emunand set up, NANDS unlinked, running reinand updated to 10.4 currently. My question is what are my best options for emulating PS1, GBC and SNES. I currently already have retroarchs gpsp cia installed to my home menu for my GBA games and it runs everything...
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    Hacking Help with downgrading and CFW

    With all of the support for CFW and homebrew going on I figured it would be time to take the leap and downgrade my 3DS to 9.2 to run CFW. A couple questions to start: I have over 80 legit games downloaded and paid for on the eshop (20 of them being ambassador titles). Will I be able to keep...
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    Gaming Need Slowking

    I couldnt find the other thread to post this in, so I apologize beforehand. But earlier today i traded for a Slowking over GTS and it was named Hodor. I am very OCD when it comes to my Pokemon and I want an English one named Slowking. If anyone can add me and trade me a slowking with its...
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    Gaming Flashcarts and Pokemon Bank

    Will I be able to transfer pokemon over from my Heartgold game that I have on my Supercars DSTWO or do I need a retail cart?
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    Misc Free money from Nintendo?

    So today I connected to the e-shop on my Wii U and miraculously have $69. Before all of the issues started happening where I couldnt connect, I only had $9 on my account. Did Nintendo give me money?? It seems as if they added $60 to my account.
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    Gaming Wii/Wii U Virtual Console

    I recall hearing that Nintendo was going to do an update that would make the games you have on your vWii partition playable with the Wii U Gamepad. Is this true, or has the update happened? Or am I just confused? Thanks for the advice guys. I am trying to get A Link to the Past on my Wii U...
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    Gaming Mewtwo Y

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this. But I got Pokemon X with Mega Mewtwo X, but I want Mega Mewtwo Y. Would anyone on here be willing to trade their Mewtwo Y for my Mewtwo X?
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    Gaming Crysis 3 and my GPU

    I have an Asus G75VX with an i7 core and Geforce GTX 670MX graphics card. To get Crysis 3 to run (perfectly) with no stutters and a smooth 60FPS I have to lower all the settings to the lowest AND reduce my resolution from 1900x1080 to 1024x720. I feel like my laptop should be more than capable...
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    Hardware Gamepad issue

    I just got a GameCube controller adapter for my PC and it works great. But when I try to set the controls in Ultimate Spiderman (PC) all the controls work fine except for the analog stick for walking. All it let's me do is slowly walk around, its supposed to male me run but all it does is walk...
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    Gaming Mega man X8 Widescreen?

    I have the PC version of Megaman X8 and my full resolution is 1920x1080. But the highest the in game settings go to is 1280x1024x32. Any help is much appreciated I love this game so much.
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    Which laptop should I get?

    ÍThis Acer one: Or this ASUS one: I'm looking for the one best suited for gaming, and that is the all around better comp. The graphics card in the Acer is better I...
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    Hardware Which laptop should I get?

    This Acer one: Or this ASUS one: I'm looking for the one best suited for gaming, and that is the all around better comp. The graphics card in the Acer is better I...
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    Misc Miiverse trolls

    I just got banned a second time for telling a little kid who said Nintendo sucked and the Wii U was a failure. I said nothing rude or derogatory except maybe 'you used a hash tag, that right there shows you're probably 10' and I got banned cause this immature little punk decided to go around...
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    Gaming New Game "The Cave"

    Wow this forum is totally dead haha, like title says, new game in e-shop. Discuss here:] I bought this game and it's pretty good so far, but no off TV play:/
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    Gaming Assassins Creed 3 Question

    I am currently downloading it to my HDD. But almost everything ive read on here is bad mouthing it saying its horrible, or the worst in the franchise. The only other AC game I played was the first one and it was pretty cool. So my question is can someone please give me an unbiased opinion about...
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    Hacking Using Bannerbomb to install HBC on vWii?

    Can this be done? I only ask because I saw a list of working exploits for the vWii and it was listed as working, but in every post I've seen someone has gone out and bought one of the games the can alternatively be used. Is there a reason people are buying a game and using that exploit instead...
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    Can't access Windows partition after increasing it with Ubuntu

    Ok so last night I was increasing the size of my windows partition on my HDD through an Ubuntu Live CD using gParted but when I was doing that I was tired and I forgot to plug in my laptop and I fell asleep and when I woke up the battery had died before it had completed and I can no longer...
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