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    Hello GBA/DS World

    Aw man, not another Frenchie, I blame Costello for this. j/k Welcome to the board and remember to read the Forum Rules, and you should have a good time.
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    I think you put it there to try and attract some attention.
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    I "got" this game yesterday and tried it out. It is an awesome concept, but the voice and text recognition is fucking awful. They really needed to improve the recognition system if they plan on releasing more of these games.
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    News: WFC Friend Codes

    Geez, took you long enough Shaun.
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    Misc Connecting to wifi

    Are you sure that you set up the new connection properly and that the problem isn't being caused by your router? I've had no problems playing or getting Friend Codes (with my Supercard games) since I put Flashme on, but I'll test my real copy of MKDS when I get home tonight and let you know if...
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    Misc Connecting to wifi

    Have you gotten MKDS to work since you used Flashme? If not, you may need to reacquire your Friend Code. Flashme might change something the system uses to create a Friend Code so now your old code stored on MKDS wouldn't match up to your DS.
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    How many legit DS carts do you own?

    Same here, its like you are copying me Garf.
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    Yes, each Friend Code is generated by the combination of the game and DS.
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    Just because retail stores don't have the game doesn't mean that everyone playing online is using a pirated copy. Back when I used to order my games through EBGames online, I used to get my games a week early on average. Basically, if their warehouse got games from publishers early, I got my...
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    revolution section

    With the exception of commercial communities like Gamefaqs, IGN Forums, & Gamespot Forums (for example), can you name any other gaming communites with as many members and with as much activity?? [That's a question for everyone, not just Orion]
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    Suggestions for the Site

    Promotions: Promotions are like the Fight Club, "You don't talk about Promotions". As it is now, we probably have more Staff than is actually needed. Also, anyone asking about being promoted will automatically be added to the "Black List", basically meaning they will never be promoted. If the...
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    revolution section

    You keep thinking that, meanwhile I'll be watching the member count around here continue to constantly increase.
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    revolution section

    If you haven't noticed, GBAtemp is "The largest GBA + DS community on the web" not "The largest Nintendo community on the web". The main focus of this site is handhelds. Why do you think that there isn't a Gamecube section?
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    Why not put ourselves in wikipedia?

    Did you expect anything less from some of the retards around here?
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    Supress your sql warning

    I think someone was just desperate for some attention.
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    So when does my warning level go down?

    1st: You just irritate the Staff when you ask questions like this. 2nd: The only way the warning meter goes down is when the Staff think you are being a good and contributing member of this forum. In all honesty, you should be lucky that you weren't banned right off the bat since requesting...
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    M3 Adapter (SD) Vs. SuperCard (SD) Comparison

    Tony Hawk is supposedly slow on both. Also, if you use cheap SD cards, people have reported slow downs with lots of games. I've been using a 1GB San Disk and haven't experienced any slow downs with my SuperCard SD, but I have yet to try Tony Hawk.
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    Misc Bleach DS friend codes

    For the one millionth time, friend codes are a combination of the game AND your DS, so it doesn't matter if you have a rom or real DS cart. If you have both, you will get two different friends codes.
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    Yep, I believe that Microsoft only owns the publishing rights to the PC versions of the Age of Empires series.
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