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  1. Cencil

    Homebrew Question Local play using a non hacked switch with hacked switch - ban?

    Is there a risk of someone getting banned using their unhacked switch with their own copy of a game, having it communicate via local play with a hacked switch using a non legit version of the game?
  2. Cencil

    Hacking Question Switch will no longer boot into CFW or OFW

    Hey guys, ran into a major issue here I was on 6.2.0 firmware prior to all of this. So I downloaded ChoiDujourNX and ripped the update folder from one of my backups, as it was telling me I needed to update the game's software in order to play, and I'm banned so I can't update using wifi. I...
  3. Cencil

    Hacking Battery draining when console is off with AutoRCM

    I have AutoRCM installed and I'm using the switchblade payload. Is anyone else having an issue with the battery draining even despite holding the power button and selecting "Turn off"? If I accidentally put it into the broken sleep mode I'd understand this, but it's happening despite me...
  4. Cencil

    PS1/2 PSOne portable USB power bank?

    Hey does anyone know if one of these 7.5V USB cables would work on a 22000 mah usb power bank?
  5. Cencil

    PS1/2 Help! Modded PAL PS1 on NTSC TV/Games shows no color!!

    Hello! I just recently purchased a modded PS1 mini off ebay. I found out after receiving it that it's a PAL console. It came with an RGB SCART cable. I live in Canada and don't have any TV's that have RGB/SCART ports, and i tried using a composite AV cable on my TV, and my games (all NTSC...
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