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    Hacking 3DS Savegame Requests thread

    How far along is that Phoenix Wright save? My save corrupted a little way into the fourth case :(
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    Hacking Unhappy GW won't load. I messed up, I'm an epic noob.

    Make sure the microsd for the installer is formatted to FAT32 and not exfat Edit: Direct from Japan: home of the ninja.
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    Constant Night Itching (Can't take it anymore)

    Possibly Atopy? Any rash?
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    you'd be quite surprised at how many "touch crimes" are committed in this country, and the if the stocks on *ahem* video shelves are anything like to go by, people like witnessing and, ermmm, solving these mysteries, if you get my drift.
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    I've gotta say, anyone will have problems learning Japanese for a game. For something like GBA's Final Fantasy IV, you could essentially do it, as it is possible to have the text entirely in Hiragana, and Katakana (but that in itself will prove troublesome, in that Japanese is also a language...
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    yeah, "kono yarrrou" would make all the titles better... Its a phrase that features heavily amongst Japanese speakers actually playing the aforementioned games. Maybe "kuso! Mata Quiz?! Mou iya dayo!" should be attached to this particular genre. I think its a really catchy title.
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    I think it'd be more interesting if it were titled "Kono Yarrrou Quiz", but maybe that's just me.
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    DS #0221: Burnout Legends (U)

    what really sucks about this game is it really lets down in the one area that a dev team wouldn't really have particular limitations in; the controls. The game looks pretty awesome, the speed rocks, but the one thing that made this game so cool on other consoles is missing... that is responsive...
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    DS #0171: Texas Hold'Em Poker DS (U)

    I just dig the clothes! The Duke boys better move on out in ole General Lee if'n they dun wanna get in caught bah Boss Hogg.
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    DS #0172: Disney's Kim Possible: Kimmunicator (U)

    I don't think dEC0DED quite noticed the sarcasm dripping from my first post. word, teh_raf3, word.
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    DS #0172: Disney's Kim Possible: Kimmunicator (U)

    I don't think words can describe how long it is that I've been waiting for this game...
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    Is this Old or New Testament? Should I expect any 'Punish your child unto death' minigames?
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    DS #0171: Texas Hold'Em Poker DS (U)

    What are you talking about?!? Forget Sonic and Mario, this is the game the world has been waiting... Nope, sorry, can't finish that sentence. My sarcasm reserves ran dry on this one... But I don't think Poker is really 'rated' to begin with.
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