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  1. R4ismychildhood

    Biggest Size SD Card Atmosphere Supports?

    Hi. What is the largest size of SD card Atmosphere now support? I’m running out of storage space. BTW I’m updating from Atmosphere 0.19.5 to 1.3.1. I think maybe it’s a good time to upgrade my SD card form 256GB to 1TB too. Thanks.
  2. R4ismychildhood

    Gaming Updating Game Causes Loss of Progress!?

    Hi. I'm on system version 12.1.0, AMS 0.19.5, and I have taken MONTHS to get the cards and build the decks I want on Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution (stock version without updates). But after I've updated, I realized all the progress is lost, but there is an old save file with a...
  3. R4ismychildhood

    Hacking Where Can I Buy a R4i Gold 3DS RTS Plus now?

    Hi. I tried to order it on (it popped up one after all these years), but then then cancelled it and say customs can't allow it through. Please help! Thank you.
  4. R4ismychildhood

    Homebrew Question Updating System Firmware With Daybreak

    Hi. This is the first time I update my EmuMMC system firmware. I'm following the guide on and I'm confused at this step: Updating your emuMMC with Daybreak 1.In Hekate go to Launch -> Atmosphere FSS0 Emu. As I always use Atmosphere CFW...
  5. R4ismychildhood

    Homebrew Question Best Cheat Homebrew for Switch?

    Hi. I have to cheat all cards for Yu Gi Oh. I wanna learn how to cheat on the Switch safely (in terms of not destroying game saves). I remember last year I downloaded a homebrew it cheats all games automatically and ruined all saves. Then I panicked. Can anyone recommend a safe and updated...
  6. R4ismychildhood

    Hardware IPS or TN?

    I'll be waiting online. Thanks.
  7. R4ismychildhood

    Hardware Is This a Scratch on the Left of the Circle Pad ?

    Just wanna make sure before I buy cause again it's listed as "Opened - Never Used" but who knows. I've circled the suspicious part. I need experienced eyes. Thank you
  8. R4ismychildhood

    Hardware IPS or TN?

    Thanks! I'll be waiting online!
  9. R4ismychildhood


    As the N3DSXL is discontinued, I have to buy one on eBay. After returning a N3DSXL that arrived scratched and was actually used (a lot of hassle with the seller). I have researched on best way of hacking, region differences, DS flashcarts, screen protectors, case that fits the charging cradle...
  10. R4ismychildhood

    Hacking Where to Buy R4i Gold 3DS Plus Now?

    Hi. I've ordered a R4i Gold 3DS (not Plus) from but they never ship nor repsonded. I reckon I should just buy the better version (R4i Gold 3DS Plus) but it's out of stock everywhere... Thank you
  11. R4ismychildhood

    Hardware 3DS Charger High Pitched Noise

    Hi. I'm using this 3DS charger (from the box of my 3DS XL) for my New 3DS XL. Recently I can hear a high pitched voice once it's plugged in. Is it normal and what should I do because Nintendo UK is not selling them anymore. Thank you.
  12. R4ismychildhood

    Gaming Importing JPGs into New 3DS?

    Hi. I'm trying to explore different functions of the New 3DS. Apparently the JPGs have to be placed in the folder 101NIN[XX] in DCIM to work. However, I've imported 369 JPGs into it, only 64 are recognized. What am I doing wrong? If the system title is too exhausting, is there a better homebrew...
  13. R4ismychildhood

    Hardware Scratched Hinge or Design?

  14. R4ismychildhood

    Hardware Switch Clear Case?

    Hi. Can anyone recommend a clear case / protector that fits in the original dock for the Switch, that protects the Switch for playing outside? I have a 'pouch" by PowerA but it's suffocating for the console and it makes it overheat. P.S. I use a Hori screen filter (not the premium one). Thank you.
  15. R4ismychildhood

    Hardware N3DSXL Case That Works with Hori Charging Cradle

    Hi. I've got a Hori Charging Cradle coming from Japan, reviews on YouTube says the Hori Duraflexi Clear Protector (case) will not fit... Does anyone have any recommendation? Thank you. P.S. I also use the Hori screen protector
  16. R4ismychildhood

    Hacking Region Change Precautions?

    Hi. I'm debating whether I should change my EUR N3DSXL to USA, as all the CIA I can find onlnie are USA, but local multiplayer for some games will not work as the USA titles do not match the EUR console. Plus, I have to update every USA title manually with CIAs...
  17. R4ismychildhood

    Hardware Allocation Unit Size for microSDs

    Hi. I'm deciding what allocation unit size I'm gonna use for my 64GB SDXC for my N3DSXL. The guide says 'If you need to format a brand new SD card, you can use guiformat and set to an Allocation Unit Size of 32K (32768). If your SD card is 64GB or larger, use an...
  18. R4ismychildhood

    Hacking Seedminer vs ntrboot

    Hi. I'm preparing to CFW my N3DSXL (currently on 11.13.0). I'm not very good with hardmod but still, I want to compare the two options. Which method will last longer for the future (the installed CFW will not be broken for the next firmware update?) I have both a GPU laptop and a flashcart for...
  19. R4ismychildhood

    Hacking Best Flashcart for N3DSXL?

    Hi. I currently have a R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS. It works fine for all games but I hate how the game icon moves from right all the way to left everytime you navigate, and you have to wait for it to stop before you can play any game. Recently I've got a new NDSXL and when I read the section...
  20. R4ismychildhood

    Homebrew JKSM Transfer Saves for Same Game (Different Region Consoles + Different Region Game Version)?

    Hi. I'm going to set up my new N3DSXL and transfer all my Saves. I know you can use JKSM to transfer saves of the same game between different consoles (i.e. USA N3DSXL to EUR N3DSXL), and different region version of the same game (i.e. JPN version to USA version). Does anyone know if it's...
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