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  1. Fusion

    Hacking VC NDS Layouts

    Can someone help make a VC-NDS layout that has the biggest layout of the screens both on the gamepad side-by-side? I can't get my head around the tutorial to do it myself. Also, zeron88 and GSBS seems to never has shared his creations/link down. Appreciated.
  2. Fusion

    Hardware Nintendo Switch XL (10.5 inch)

    Here is a custom Nintendo Switch XL with a 10.5inch screen, custom made of course dubbed the Vincendo XL. It's a custom build Switch in docked mode to allow portable gaming in a better resolution as the display supports 1080P also.
  3. Fusion

    Hacking [Super] Rugby League 3 Wii - Problems

    {Super) Rugby League 3 (depending where your from for your title) seems to have problems from most loaders i tryed, the game rips & plays fine but you only play instant play like its some demo as everything else is locked including the options screen. Any one else have this game yet & also have...
  4. Fusion

    Homebrew Quadrax IV - Wii Edition

    WiiBrew info quote "Quadrax is logical game game where more than keen reactions you will need fast fingers and will have to use all your grey brain cells. :-) Just only that way you can succeed in solving all the ninety levels, which the game has." Wii version supports both - singleplayer...
  5. Fusion

    ROM Hack Hacks & Cheats

    Just wondering if theres some way to change control types from game-to-game as i have a small disability to use my right hand 100% so its awkward to play some game that use the touch screen (am so glad for those zelda/star fox ds hacks) that made it use the hard buttons, but for games like moon...
  6. Fusion

    Resident Evil 4 + 5 News

    Make of these what you will. It looks like like Jill dies some how. Also do you think capcom is really not making classic editions for the x360/ps3 (maybe as a pre-order bonus, limited edition pack) What you peeps think? Also here is a screenshot of RE4 Mobile, for those that thought the...
  7. Fusion

    Hacking Which to buy?

    I need to know which do you guys think i should choose? I know the M3 Real can use a triple loader & gain features/compatibility but can the EDGE use another else besides its own fw? Can the Edge use a hacked up extracted .evo file from cyclo? Does the M3 Real triple boot run everything they...
  8. Fusion

    Hacking Viva EDGE DS

    Viva Pinata on EDGE-DS v1.42fw this don't seem compatible (or its euro brother number 2625 i think, haven't tried ), anyone get it working? I hope 1.42 doesn't brake compatibility (has any flash card ever broken compatibility with fw updates?) Thanks for any help guys. Merry Tempmas BTW for...
  9. Fusion

    iTouch Myself

    I cant access my wifi, cause its been a twit, but enough about that. Is there anyway to access repo's via a pc, i can see the .xml via pc but its not pretty to look at unlike when your looking from or cydia also i cant seem to find apps compatible for firmware 2.1, as i need a...
  10. Fusion

    Gaming Wireless Access Point

    Hi, Just wondering how to create a wireless access point with a D-Link DWA-510? any software i need, or do i need to buy a wireless AP adator? or If i cant via the above method, is it hard to create a access point if i convert the nintendo usb wifi into a soft-ap? thanks peeps
  11. Fusion

    Gaming GTA SA - Mods Help

    Hey all, just looking at youtube & saw people showing off there mods, some seem hard to find, like a Multiplayer coop 2players with peds via lan mod & a gta4 filter for san andreas called esaba or something? Also is there any way to use SA-MP with cars spawning, peds, cops etc cause it looks...
  12. Fusion

    Gaming PSP Multiplayer Problem

    Im trying to get multiplayer SNES to play multiplayer, 1 Slim & 1 Classic, thing is tho they can connect but only one psp has a screen showing & the other shows black, whats up with this? I cant seem to run dgen or nesterj to find out if its just snes having problems as i get the error cant...
  13. Fusion

    Hacking Metal Slug Collection + Native wii emu

    Hey, just wondering if anyone has tryed the metal slug disc yet in trucha? Maybe we can get an offical emu again like the old gc n64 emu etc. it might be a neorage emu or nebula, mame with limited drivers.....or it can be a disapointment ----------------------- Also as a side note can anyone...
  14. Fusion

    Multiplayer LAN/IPX Games

    Hey, It'd be slow around here cause of xmas but thats cool, just as long as answers start to pour in after that & this topic dont go the way of the dinos then its all good. Now to the point... Any one know good fun multiplayer LAN/IPX games that are just great? mostly abandonware games So...
  15. Fusion

    DosBox Multiplayer Games on LAN

    Am wondering if anyone here uses DosBox to play old multiplayer games over LAN, stuff like GTA1/2, Duke 3D etc. anyway i was following a guide out HERE! but cant figure it out for the life of me, anyone care to dumb it down abit for me? Would be ever so kind as there are intresting stuff to be...
  16. Fusion

    Retro Mario Bros Games Updated

    A few Super Mario Bros. remakes for all to enjoy 1) Super Mario Bros 2 - 3D I think i played this years ago & it was'nt crash hot, but then again it could of been updated. Untested. Download! 2) Original Super Mario Bros - 3D Download! Game play is the same as Super Mario bros although...
  17. Fusion

    Help Me Buy

    Hi, I got a hard choice, i bought a PS3 (yeap great work there lol ) but the problem is i think i should of bought a Mac Mini (no not from McDonalds ) as i only use my PS3 for linux's multimedia & emulators, thing is though should i stick with the PS3 or get Mac Mini (1.83ghz Core2-Duo...
  18. Fusion

    Gaming 1241 to 1251 released

    Seems as if GbaTemp's website is behind in posing them, but releases 1241 to 1251 have been released. The names are as follows:- 1241 - B-17 Fortress In The Sky (U) (This seems to be a dupe & will/is nuked) 1242 - Touch Bomberman Land - Star Bomber no Miracle World (J) 1243 - Death Jr And The...
  19. Fusion

    Good Rom Tools

    Just wondering what tools are good to use to remove region dupes & to have just 1 copy of each different game for these systems Neo-Geo Pocket/Color, Gameboy/Color, Master System, GameGear, Nes
  20. Fusion

    ROM Hack NDS Xbox Live Files What the?

    Hey, I was scanning thru the files of game 0296 - Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball MAX'd (U) (Trashman) & in the bin folder i noticed 4 xbox live files called - xboxlive_friends.imd.nsbmd xboxlive_passcode_box.imd.nsbmd xboxlive_players.imd.nsbmd xboxlive_signin.imd.nsbmd now i usually...
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