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  1. bananaboy319

    Hacking usbloader gx bootmii original wii

    so I hacked my wii with bootmii and I have hbl installed so I tried using usb loader gx and it works and sees my usb but doesn t load the wads I put at the root of my usb. so I found a youtube tuto but it says to install dx2 cios installer but I installed bootmii as boot2 and ios should I...
  2. bananaboy319

    Hacking help hackable?

    so I m a teen and I grew up with a wii (original with gamecube controller support) as far as I know it s always been there and it s been chipped (don t know which one) as far as I remember (no sdcard) but I can only play games on a dvd and I would prefer to play it through a usb flash drive so I...
  3. bananaboy319

    ROM Hack GM9 NNID removal

    out of interest what happens if I remove my NNID through GM9 on my luma cfw 3ds? thanks
  4. bananaboy319

    ROM Hack luma 3ds alpha sapphire cheats

    so I updated luma and wnted to start using cheats (one masterball is NOT enough) so I made all de folders needed and made a cheats.txt with a few codes and a 3 lined masterball 99+ I opened alpha saphire went to the rosalina menu opened cheats and fond that 2 codes were missing (both multi...
  5. bananaboy319

    ROM Hack cheats problem

    I have a 3ds with luma and I wanted to use cheats on alpha sapphire so I made a folder in luma called titles and a folder in that with the title id and a txt names cheats.txt in that with a few cheats : [99 Great Ball] 28C6B5F6 00000063 [99 Safari Ball] 28C6B5FA 00000063 [99 Dive Ball]...
  6. bananaboy319

    Hacking plz help

    I have an original 3ds xl and ace 3ds x witch I used to hack the 3ds all vers. method and it s done and working fine so I put aos v2.13 but the neo geo emulater doesn t work didn t try any others. I put a few games in zip format to the root of the micro sd with a bios file also zip
  7. bananaboy319

    ROM Hack not urgent just annoying

    so I m using a 32 bit widows 8 with the ultamate gba injector for 3ds on the kid paddle gba rom and thought it plays fine it can t save. thanks in advance.
  8. bananaboy319

    Hacking oooops.....

    So I hacked my wii u using haxchi and cbhaxchi following but I forgot to put the haxchi folder at the root of the sd card until this morning when I eddited the file so when I press a it would load loadiine so I reinstalled haxchi to the ds game (witch was finally named haxchi)...
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