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  1. Diosoth

    Hardware What is the largest SD card the Wii can use?

    I formatted my Samsung EVO 128 to FAT32 and transferred my SD card contents to it, working with no problems in the SD slot. Formatting may not have been necessary, but you never know with exFAT compatibility.
  2. Diosoth

    Hardware Nintendont - do I even need actual memory cards?

    Yeah, it's looking like I really don't need to keep the actual memory cards on hand after all. Plus I may want to play import titles and those don't save too well to cards with US saves on them.
  3. Diosoth

    Hardware Nintendont - do I even need actual memory cards?

    The only memcard options I see under Nintendont settings are "emulation on/off" "card size 59/251/1019" and "multi on/off". I would assume turning emulation off defaults to the actual card slots?
  4. Diosoth

    Hardware Nintendont - do I even need actual memory cards?

    Despite having a memory card loaded in slot A, I couldn't find my Metroid Prime 2 save file on it. Turns out that Nintendont was set to emulate the memory card and is saving to the SD card directly. I also can't move that save to the memory card, apparently. I have a 59 and a pair of 251s on...
  5. Diosoth

    Hardware What is the largest SD card the Wii can use?

    probably because it's Nintendo, a company notorious for anti-consumer policies like that. Then again, when the Wii came out even the 32GB cards were probably not too common(they were still on 2GB cards at release, of all things) and they never bothered to adjust settings in the firmware. By the...
  6. Diosoth

    Hardware What is the largest SD card the Wii can use?

    Well, just loading GC games from SD, the Samsung EVO cards are pretty speedy, so probably working the maximum speed the slot can, and they don't seem to take much time to load through Nintendont. So far I've had no problems playing Metroid Prime 2, loading is as fats as it would be on an actual...
  7. Diosoth

    Hardware What is the largest SD card the Wii can use?

    I obtained a 128GB Samsung EVO which I'll use via USB adapter for the Wii games. I do have a spare 64GB EVO+ which I may use in the SD slot for the homebrew + Gamecube, if it can read a 32GB EVO it'll hopefully read that.
  8. Diosoth

    Hardware What is the largest SD card the Wii can use?

    I'm surprised the SD slot can read 64GB or greater, Nintendo's official statement is 32GB max with updated firmware. For that matter, if it can read SDXC natively that's a miracle, since some devices need those cards formatted FAT to work. I bought a Samsung EVO 32GB SD card yesterday and...
  9. Diosoth


    Anyone wondering about SDHC support- it's becoming harder to find 2GB or lower Micro SD cards. It's less about required space for GBA ROM files and more about what cards people can buy in their local stores. Finding anything below 8GB at Walmart is probably impossible these days, nor would most...
  10. Diosoth

    Hacking essential DS Lite accessories, besides a flash card

    I've been out of the loop since maybe 2012/2013 when my prior Lite died and I sold it for parts. With the system being dead at retail and accessories going off the aftermarket I want to try and get caught up on potentially useful things for the system I may be overlooking, and catalog things...
  11. Diosoth

    Hacking EZIV folder order issues

    I'm keeping my ROMs separated into 3 folders, problem is these folders refuse to list alphabetically even when created in order. The card is sorting them as such- SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION G-M N-Z SAVER A-F This was the case when I got the device(was purchased used), but even after wiping the...
  12. Diosoth

    Hacking what do I need to know to use a 2i on a DS Lite

    I'd have preferred to buy an AK 2.1 but they are unavailable these days. I settled for a 2i as they're supposed to be Lite compatible. According to the shop I ordered from, "We will update its latest kernel or firmware to support 3DS V4.3.0-10 before shipping it out." What version of AKAIO do I...
  13. Diosoth

    Hacking Where to buy an Acekard 2i?

    I recently ordered one. Shoptemp had a few listings, and was the most promising of the bunch with the better shop reviews. It was $23 shipped via tracking from China and they had it mailed out quickly. They DO take Paypal as well, but you have to place the order and then email them...
  14. Diosoth

    trouble with the CD-ROM plugins for ePSXe

    Thought I'd burn all my Sega CD and PS1 images to CD to get them off the hard drive. No problems whatsoever burning Sega CD games and running them under Fusion. I'm having trouble with ePSXe's CD-ROM. I burned Castlevania SOTN to disc. I know it's good as I can play the ISO flawlessly. I am...
  15. Diosoth

    Gaming Any ways to remove the battery's screw if it's stripped?

    If you mean the battery cover, use a small flat piece of metal to pry up on the cover as you turn the screw.
  16. Diosoth

    Gaming problem with DS Lite top screen ribbon cable

    I have a DS Lite I wanted to sell but I'm having issues with the top screen. I've reseated the ribbon cable several times but the connection still seems messed up. The L button will brush up against it or even moving the hinge can break the connection between the cable and motherboard ever so...
  17. Diosoth

    GCN need help burning Gamecube homebrew discs

    I have burn commercial game ISO files to disc just fine, provided the rip is good(lost 2 discs so far to bad ISO rips and I've had issues with Serious Sam Next Encounter that make me suspect a bad ISO- or the game is just buggy, I don't know) but I'm having severe issues with homebrew. I need a...
  18. Diosoth

    GCN best place to get a Xeno GC chip?

    What I need now are controllers. The main stick on my Gamecube controller is starting to go bad and I need to track down an official Nintendo replacement for cheap. I'm aware of all those off brand clones and how they tend to be junk. I also need a "classic" controller option as I sold my Hori...
  19. Diosoth

    GCN best place to get a Xeno GC chip?

    I got the chip from Mamejay. I sold off 3 Gamecube Zelda games for $75 last week, and between the chip, DVds and gamebits I used 1/3 of that to mod my console. I think I'll also buy an SD card adapter as well since DX has them cheap.
  20. Diosoth

    GCN best place to get a Xeno GC chip?

    I just registered over there to contact him, but I have to wait for them to activate my account proper before I can do anything.
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