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    Emulation I am having a problem with the EZ Flash Jr with the DMG GameBoy.

    So for some reason I can save games they show up under the saver folder but if I try and run the save file it just says error and I’m wanting to know if there’s a fix for this. Yes the clock is set I’ve reformatted the SD card, I really don’t think it’s a issue with the flash cart seeing as...
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    Homebrew Emulators for YSMENU on r4 cart for DS/Lite

    I would like to get some emulators for my DS, I am using just the YSMenu on a r4 gold pro 2020 cartridge, I want to use NES, SNES, Commodore 64, Apple II, DOS, GameBoy Advance, GameBoy Color, and the original GameBoy games. For the most part copying the emulator root to the root of the SD card...
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    Hacking R4i gold pro, what kernel to use with original DS

    I just bought a r4i gold pro for my original ds, but what I am trying to figure out is what kernel do I use for the original ds. There’s one for the dsi do I go with that one and of the latest version of the kernel and what’s the best kernel to get that won’t screw up the flash cart because I’ve...
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    PS1/2 What is AV multi out on a ps1?

    Can anyone please explain what multi out is on a ps1. I know for a fact that the ps1 will work with composite and S-video, but what else can it do?
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    Hacking Datel Max Media Player

    What is the most stable software that runs smoothly with the datel max media player for the original ds? I know that it’s definitely outdated and doesn’t have a lot of memory for storage will only hold 8GB max, I want to see how well it will run playing non homebrew games, I would like to use...
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