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    Gaming *Help* Need Elden Ring Savegame

    Hey Guys, im looking for a at least near all items or maybe 100% Savegame of Elden Ring (fw 9.00) Please no cheats or something. I lost all my Savegames due to broken HDD.. im so sad =/ I want to start new game+ with all items, but no cheated Savegame! I would be really happy if someone...
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    Homebrew How can i play"May's Mystery-secrets of dragonville"on n

    Hello (im sry for my bad english) I want to play the game "mays mystery - the secrets of dragonville ( das geheimnis von dragonville - German) on no$gba. But every time i start this game, there comes a blackscreen. So i need a patch or else. I cant play this game on desmume because...
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    Gaming Search a complete SAVEgame of DRAGON BALL ORIGINS 1 EUR

    hey guys could someone please upp his complete savgame of db origins 1? i look mainly for a game with all episodes... pls help
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