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  1. BlazerRazor

    Gaming Nintendoh NEED to drop prices to stay in the game

    Yes, but I am talking about a whole new gameplay development... those you could call "mini/pseudo games." They are not showelware... but a new way to make games faster because they contain less diversity and gameplay. It's still not showelware, because the basic gameplay is still somewhat...
  2. BlazerRazor

    Gaming Nintendoh NEED to drop prices to stay in the game

    There has ALWAYS been bad games... simple as that... nothing new. Shovelware was not what I was thinking about. Lots off applications/games for Android/Apple are polished and great looking, not shovelware. What I wanted to point out was that the games themselves becomes simplified small games...
  3. BlazerRazor

    Gaming Nintendoh NEED to drop prices to stay in the game

    Saying all eShop games are terrible is a really bad choice on your behalf... you're missing some interesting titles. Back to topic; The trend with applications being free on Android and Apple devices is really making people believe that everything should be free. This is _NOT_ the case... you...
  4. BlazerRazor

    Gaming With the price drop, do you regret buying the 3DS early?

    It doesn't really make much sense to regret a launch purchase. Almost every commodity will fall in price over its lifetime... this is to be expected.
  5. BlazerRazor

    Homebrew Remote Touch DS; mouse and keyboard from your DS

    You should use your local IP address. I suspect this is the reason as to why it does not work for you; if you use your public IP address your router will likely block/reject connections. If enough people are still interested in continued development I will be willing to take up development...
  6. BlazerRazor

    Rumour: Wii U Can Use More Than One Controller

    I seriously doubt that the screen was added "a few weeks before E3". You don't just add a screen, a lot of work goes into something like this. Manufacturing needs to change, development tools needs to be revamped. It's not something you just throw on a controller and then everything just works...
  7. BlazerRazor

    Hacking Internet Browser built on open source software.

    That's a completely wrong statement. Libraries licensed under LGPL does NOT require other thirds parties to hand over their code. That is why LGPL was made, to make developers able to use libraries, linking, without needing to share their code. Source...
  8. BlazerRazor

    Gaming 3DS update coming June 6th

    Everybody talking about the 3DS and Flash. Flash is generally considered a "bad performer" and the software to run it is very proprietary -- there is no good competition. Yes, we have Gnash and others, but it's not optimal in any situation. Flash performs bad on any machine, and even worser on...
  9. BlazerRazor

    Hardware is there any reason to be an early adopter?

    Wait if you have no interest in the games out now, although I think the games out now are pretty decent. Really a no-brainer. There's no real logic to your question. The answer can reply to everything in a material world. You can wait and wait for something better, and there will always be...
  10. BlazerRazor

    Gaming Samurai Warrior Chronicles

    I've been playing this game for a while now. What a blast this game is! In my opinion this game is extremely underrated by the media. Maybe it is because of the depth and level of difficulty. It got lots of depth and is very challenging at times. The graphics is alright -- the characters look...
  11. BlazerRazor

    Homebrew Bounty 2011

    I like your project, keep it up!
  12. BlazerRazor

    Gaming Who else thinks 3DS should've waited till May?

    Were are your sources for these claims? You can't just spew out random claims... No, I don't think Nintendo should have waited... time is money. It's now or never and I think the system is mature.
  13. BlazerRazor

    Hardware Who else hates the 3ds's 3d viewing angle

    In the beginning it was a little annoying, but after some time I've gradually learned myself how to hold the 3DS correctly. So I would not say I hate the viewing angle - it suits me well - but if it wasn't there it would be better. Not everything is free in this world you know? All in all, if...
  14. BlazerRazor

    Hardware Leaving the 3DS on all night

    You are correct, but not only will you damage your battery if it gets drained, but also if your battery gets "too" charged. I doubt all this can happen, the 3DS will monitor voltage levels and turn on/off charging when necessary. Like stated above, lithium-ion batteries last the longest if you...
  15. BlazerRazor

    Hacking Are we going to have a perfect 3DS flashcart near OoT release?

    This poll is kinda pointless. The only thing I am waiting for is support for running unsigned code so I can begin playing with the 3DS. My guess is that this will take a long time -- the 3DS has better security (at least that is what you must assume).
  16. BlazerRazor

    Misc 3DS Universal FC (Friend Code) thread!

    Nickname: Tobaiasu Friend Code: 3351-4040-6226 Region: EUR Games: Pilotwings Resort Don't have any games with wifi support yet. I'll get one sooner or later
  17. BlazerRazor

    Gaming Pilot wings or Rayman

    Pilotwings Resort all the way! Rayman is a weak launch title -- a bad port.
  18. BlazerRazor

    Homebrew Remote Touch DS; mouse and keyboard from your DS

    I'm not even sure I am going to implement or continue development. It really depends on the community, if it wants me to continue.
  19. BlazerRazor

    Homebrew Remote Touch DS; mouse and keyboard from your DS

    Thank you for confirming the problem was with your card.
  20. BlazerRazor

    Homebrew Remote Touch DS; mouse and keyboard from your DS

    You must have done something wrong. Remote Touch DS works on Windows 7 and all other systems that have support for Java.
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